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Olav Kvitravn
Chieftain of Clan Kvitravn
Tenure: 8 SA-18 SA
Predecessor: Esben Kvitravn
Successor: Hali Kvitravn
Born: 1783, Morsgrad, the Kingdom of Norland
Died: Alive
House: Clan Kvitravn
Spouse: Unknown
Father: Einar Kvitravn
Mother: Unknown
Children: N/A

Olav Einarsson Kvitravn, also known as Olav the Unseen, is the fourth son of Einar Kvitravn and the third chieftain of Clan Kvitravn. He became the Clan Chieftain after his elder brother Esben Kvitravn abdicated the Chieftainship to him due to increased mental stress, and resigned after his son Hali Kvitravn came of age.

Early life

Born roughly in the year 1783 as the third bloodborne son of Einar 'the Bear-slayer', Olav was primarily taught from a young age how to hunt, fight, and handle more martial duties overall. For the most part, Olav was content with his lifestyle until he was forced to leave Arcas alongside the rest of the Kvitravn clan. When entering Almaris, Olav's life was relatively quiet with the occasional sparring with his Brothers.

Like all his other Brothers, Olav was visibly shaken from the death of his late-father. At his funeral, Olav promised to bring the Family to new heights and to bring a new age of Kvitravn prosperity despite not being the legal successor to Einar. After his Father's demise, Olav would begin taking a more active part in his Clan's doings, even advising his older brother Esben Kvitravn in more than one situation. Eventually, it was decided that unless Eirik were to come of age that Olav himself would succeed his older brother. Soon, this would be put to the test with the incredible mental burden that soon gripped Esben, prompting him to abdicate to Olav. This abdication and peaceful resignation of power would make Olav the new chieftain, naming him Olav Kvitravn II and the third chieftain of Clan Kvitravn.


Olav hit the ground running as chieftain, issuing minor family reforms and instructing his family members to take more active roles in Norlandic society. Around this time he would also begin searching for a wife of his own so he may secure the Kvitravn line. After this, he would begin trying to petition the Norlandic crown for Kvitravn vassalage, but this would be refused time and time again. After a dramatic incident where Olav was rejected by a possible spouse, Olav fell deeply into drinking habits and depression which caused him to be less and less active in the clan. This left most of the day-to-day clan activities to Felix Einarsson Kvitravn and Caesar Einarsson Kvitravn. From then onward, Olav lived a secluded life where he was hardly heard from by the rest of Norland, much like his predecessor Esben Kvitravn, though he remained in Norland. In this time, he became known as Olav the Unseen and eventually he passed the chieftainship to his only Son, Hali Kvitravn, when he came of age.