Sven II Edvardsson Ruric, King of Norland

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Sven II Edvardsson Ruric
King of Norland
Reign: 20 S.A - 32 S.A
Coronation: 12th of the Deep Cold, 20 SA, Varhelm, Kingdom of Norland
Predecessor: Halvar Edvardsson Ruric
Successor: Vane Freysson Ruric
Born: 13th of The Amber Cold, 1784 FA, Morsgrad, Kingdom of Norland
Death: 11th of the Grand Harvest, 32 S.A, Varhelm, Kingdom of Norland
Spouse: Frida of Varhelm
Clan: Rurikkid Clans
Father: Halvar Edvardsson Ruric
Mother: Ancelie de Astrea

Sven II Edvardsson Ruric, known more simply as Sven Edvardsson, was the son of Halvar Edvardsson Ruric and Ancelie de Astrea. Sven was named King of Norland in year 20 SA and crowned by High Keeper Alisa Camian after Halvar Edvardsson Ruric's abdication from rule. He was the Seventeenth King of Norland, and the Third after its reformation. He died in the year 32 SA when delving into the Varhelm catacombs due to an explosion that caused rubble to fall over him. He, as King of Norland, was directly involved in two wars over the course of his reign. The first being the Tenth Nordling War, and the Second being the Skanarri War. Though, the Skanarri war would continue even after his death.



Sven inherited a Kingdom that was filled with internal crisis and with mounted tensions against the Holy Orenian Empire. After the abdication of Halvar Edvardsson at the pressure of numerous Norlandic clans, Clan Freysson and Clan Kvitravn began calling for the tradition of Kingsmoot to be imposed to decide the next King. This briefly sparked internal tensions and rumors of a possible civil war began to spread. However, following Sven's coronation, Clan Freysson backed down and a few months later, Clan Kvitravn would accept Sven's rule as well.

After diplomacy broke down between the Kingdom of Norland and the Holy Orenian Empire, Sven held a kingdom-wide court to decide if Norland would wage war on the Holy Orenian Empire. Support for the war was found to be overwhelming from the Clans of Norland, after years of mistreatment from the Empire toward their citizens. With only Clan Nria in opposition to the war, the King's Council took the discussion into private to determine the logistics, before declaring war upon the Empire and beginning the War of Three Kingdoms.

Sven would lead a party of warriors, a mix of purifiers, northguard, rangers, and citizen militia into the Norlandic catacombs to clear out an infestation of danûngol. once inside Sven found that his party was severely outnumbered, but despite the overwhelming number of creatures he pushed on to their nest. When Sven reached the nest, the danûngol withdrew, and in an instant, a gigantic spider grabbed Sven and dragged him away into a hole in the wall. Whilst Sven was being dragged away he grabbed a lantern and smashed it in the small hole, igniting a pocket of gas, which erupted, killing himself, the gigantic spider and all of the danûngol.




Name Birth Death Marriage Notes
Alric Edvardsson Ruric 9 SA Alive Leyna Kazimir Edvardsson First son of Sven II
Gansk Edvardsson Ruric Unknown Alive N/A Second son of Sven II
Erika Edvardsson Ruric Unknown Alive N/A First Daughter of Sven II