Vane Freysson Ruric, King of Norland

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Vane Freysson Ruric
Old Vane.png
King of Norland
Reign: 34 S.A - 70 S.A
Coronation: 12th of the Deep Cold, 34 S.A, Varhelm, Kingdom of Norland
Predecessor: Sven II Edvardsson Ruric
Successor: Ragnvald Eiriksson Ruric
Born: 5th of the Sun's Smile, 1792 FA, Morsgrad, Kingdom of Norland
Death: Alive
Spouse: Unmarried
Clan: Rurikkid Clans
Father: Olaf Freysson Ruric
Mother: Alli Ambrose-Freysson

Vane Freysson Ruric, also known as Vane Freysson, is the eighteenth King of Norland and the fourth after its reformation by Caedric Edvardsson Ruric. Following the death of Sven II Edvardsson Ruric, and lack of a willing heir, a Kingsmoot was held in which Vane won in a near landslide and was crowned King of Norland in 34 S.A. Following his prolonged absence from politics, he was peacefully removed as King and replaced by Ragnvald Eiriksson Ruric.


Vane was born to Alli Ambrose-Freysson, the Jarl of Darrowmere, and Olaf Freysson Ruric, the Norlandic Master of Coin and as the owner of Vykk Co., a prestigious merchant company which grew to become the richest organization on all of Arcas. During vanes early years, his mother, Alli Ambrose Freysson, took his twin sister Vera in the dead of night and fled from Varhelm, leaving a note for Vane stating his Father was evil, and he too was corrupted by his Father's influence and incapable of redemption. less than a year after his mother took his sister and abandoned him, his father, Olaf Freysson Ruric, left on an expedition to kill a drake, but was badly injured by the drakes flames, cooking alive in his armor later dying from his injuries in the Varhelm clinic leaving him orphaned to be raised by his cousins Donovan Freysson, the marshal of Norland and Toke Freysson, the new owner of Vykk co. Due to his early childhood trauma Vane became addicted to the narcotic substance known as quartz powder, starting an early career of substance abuse, Notably beating Levian'Tol Grandaxe, the Grand King of Urguan, in a drinking contest at the age of 7. As Vane grew up he kicked his addictive habits and turned his attention to the sword, training with the Northguard and even participating in several raids with the Ferrymen as a young teen. Vane eventually though would grow old enough to inherit his fathers business from his uncle Toke, and took to mercantilism just like his father did, raising capital hand over fist. Vane would be asked by King Halvar to serve as the Norlandic Master of Coin, just as his father had, and grew the Norlandic treasury to an immense size, using it to secure land all over Nyrheim for the nation, and eventually to fund the war of the three kingdoms, of which Vane served as a soldier as well, notably participating in the first battle of the war, capturing the settlement of Southbridge.

In The Sun’s Smile of the year 33 SA, King Sven II Edvardsson Ruric called for a gathering of warriors, Northguard, Purifiers, and citizen militia alike to deal with a disturbance in the Varhelm catacombs deep beneath the hearth temple. Vane, still serving as the Master of Coin accompanied the group, fighting on the frontlines against what turned out to be an infestation of cat sized spiders. King Sven, who was fighting alongside Vane was suddenly grabbed by a spider larger than a horse and swiftly pulled away, later being consumed in an explosion, killing Sven, the spider, and destabilizing the catacombs. On the 13th of the Snow’s Maiden of the year 33 SA, Vane Freysson was elected the Regent of Norland until a King could be elected via Kingsmoot. The following year, Vane Freysson was crowned the 18th king of Norland, and the first to be elected via Kingsmoot since its reformation by King Caedric Edvardsson Ruric.


Early Reign

Vane inherited a worn down nation, reeling from the loss of the War of the three Kingdoms, he immediately went about working with his advisors to institute social, political, and religious reforms to repair and revitalize the Kingdom of Norland. Vane instituted policies that reintroduced and reinforced traditional norlandic cultural practices, prompted growth in the Red Faith through the use of hearth forums and religious teachings, and reached out to nations across Nyrheim, forming new pacts and reviving old alliances.

The Skanarri War

Early into Vanes reign he was tasked with the threat of the Skanarri, who had raided and pillaged the outlying villages surround Varhelm, terrorizing the Norlandic people. Successfuly repelling the Skanarri during the seige of Lunner Keep, Vane saw early success in the war, but due to constant changing of Northguard leadership, that success would begin to run dry, seeing more and more pyrrhic victories and even some losses. However Vane found an opportunity for peace, the leader of the Skanarri tribes, High Chieftain Argos Shieldbreaker had tired from the constant warfare, and had finally found an amicable accord with Vane, but upon their agreement, High Chieftain Argos Shieldbreaker's guards, as well as a contingent of traitorous skanarri led by Grejon the Warrior attacked the small group that had met to make peace, slaying Argos, and greatly wounding Vane. Vane would continue to fight the Skanarri for another six years before the now High Chieftain of the Skanarri, Grejon the Warrior would call for peace in the face of a new and more dangerous threat, the Svarlings.

The Svarling War



Name Birth Death Mother Notes
Olivia Freysson Ruric 15th of Snow's Maiden, 54 SA Alive Daria Vildr The first born child and Daughter of King Vane Freysson Ruric.
Skjald Freysson Ruric 10th of the First Seed, 57 SA Alive Daria Vildr The second born child and first son to King Vane Freysson Ruric and twin to Odin Freysson Ruric.
Odin Freysson ruric 10th of the First Seed, 57 SA Alive Daria Vildr The third born child and second son to King Vane Freysson Ruric and twin to Skjald Freysson Ruric.