Rurikkid Clans

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Rurikkid Clans
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Rurikkid Coat of Arms
Nation: Kingdom of Norland
Religion: Red Faith
Current Chieftain: Vane Freysson Ruric
Progenitor: Thoromir Ruricsson Armahnk
Ethnicity: Norlandic
Clan Motto: Iron from Ice
Titles: King of Norland
Prince of Vilachia
Protector of the Highlanders
Duke of Alisgrad
Duke of Varhelm
Duke of Polaris
Duke of Northemarch
Duke of Avar
Duke of Redmark
Duke of Morsgrad
Duke of the Riverlands
Earl of Ruriksgrad
Earl of Vjorhelm
Earl of Smol'Krag
Earl of Jornburg
Earl of Polaris
Earl of Foldgrad
Earl of the Krag
Earl of Svenheld
Earl of Ostavar
Earl of Ashfeld
Earl of Dragonwood
Earl of Drakenburgh
Earl of Nyrhold
Earl of Ashwood
Earl of Frostholm
Earl of Silverholt
Earl of Valkryia
Earl of Seru
Earl of Evermoore
Earl of Nordengrad
Earl of Hearthton
Earl of Seahelm
Count of Astorga
Baron of Dunharrow
Baron of Thorhelm
Lord of Ashfjord
Lord of the Bonefort
Lord of Pinemarch
Lord of the Rock
Lord of Eiriksgrad
Clans & Houses: Clan Edvardsson
Clan Freysson
Clan Eiriksson
House of Rosik
House of Ashton (extinct)
House of Caunter (extinct)
House of Rorik (extinct)

The members of the Rurikkid Clans (Common: Ruric) are the ruling dynasty of the Kingdom of Norland, producing all of Norland's legitimate rulers over the centuries. Under Caedric Edvardsson Ruric's rule the Rurikkids of Clan Edvardsson were been made the sole titleholder of the lands and titles of the Rurikkid Clans, most importantly their responsibility as Kings of Norland however on the passing of his grandson Sven II Edvardsson Ruric the regency announced a Kingsmoot and had Vane Freysson Ruric elected King of Norland. All male direct descendants of Thoromir Ruricsson Armahnk are members of the Rurikkid Clan, this lineage is known as the 'Blood of the Herald', with the family boasting both a great number of living members and storied history.


The foundation of the Rurikkid Clans as they are known today starts before the birth of the name itself, when Thoromir Ruricsson Armahnk was gifted the Flame of the All-Father on the continent of Thales. This meeting and boon from the Allfather granted Thoromir and his lineage great significance in the Red Faith, establishing their blessing of 'Herald's Blood' by which Ruric Kings claim their authority over Norland. Thoromir had many sons, though only three are remembered today as founders of the three Rurikkid Clans, them being Edvard I Thorsson Ruric, Eirik Thorsson Ruric, and Frey Thorsson Ruric, establishing the Edvardsson, Eiriksson, and Freysson branches respectively.



The Rurikkid Clan's most notable happening on Thales was the event where Thoromir Ruricsson Armahnk received the Flame of the Allfather, thus starting the lineage of Herald's Blood. Here too are born the many children of the Herald, who would go on to establish the Rurikkid Clans of Edvardsson, Eiriksson, and Freysson.


The Rurikkid Clans on Athera were still lead by Thoromir Ruricsson Armahnk where they had a clash with Theodosius Visconti, a southron Illician leader. When Theodosius named himself ruler of Thoromir's people and lands Thoromir had erected a great wall, dubbed the Shield of Polaris, before rallying a band of Norlanders to hunt and capture Theodosius. Their efforts were in vein as Theodosius had heard of Thoromir's effort and stabbed a dagger through his own heart so as to avoid capture. Thoromir and his loyal men then founded the Polar Wache.


The Rurikkid Clans on Vailor rose to greater prominence, as the First Kingdom of Norland would be declared and Edvard Thorsson Ruric would be named the first King of Norland. Edvard would establish the Red Brothers and gather a large rally of supporters through his charisma and impressive shows of force. He would however abdicate to the throne after the Holy Orenian Empire betrayed him and his people by demanding their vassilization under the threat of conquest. Edvard's younger brother, Eirik Thorsson Ruric would take the throne, and through his negotiation and diplomatic abilities, he would secure the Norlandic people as vassals of the Empire. It was under Eirik's reign which the Norlandic people flourished greatly and eventually regained independence after the Imperials maimed and attempted to hold hostage Thomas Eiriksson Ruric; he was eventually saved by men of the Principality of Dreadlands.


The Rurikkid Clans on Axios had faced much turmoil, both from internal and external factors. After the destruction of Seahelm Hakon Eiriksson Ruric lead the Norlandic Fleet to the continent of Axios. After years of surviving in the deep North of Axios Artyom Eiriksson Ruric, King of Norland would fall into a deep coma, leading his cousin Donovan Freysson Ruric to take up the mantle of King, the first Freysson to hold the title. Donovan would lead his men in the defense against Dwarven lead coalition invasions, most notably prevailing during the Siege of the Krag against all odds. Artyom would wake from his coma eventually and Donovan would peacefully abdicate his throne to him, his rule lead to the start of the first Norlandic Golden Age. However, after many years of rule Artyom was pressured to abdicate to his more popular son, Javier Eiriksson Ruric. Javier would participate in the Phillips War and continue the prosperity that Donovan's reign had laid out. Eventually, Javier would find his people in a greater war, one of religion. His son Jevan Eiriksson Ruric would take leadership of the military before Javier would abdicate the throne to him. Jeven was King of a nation on the brink of destruction as the Crusader army had approached the Kingdom, he acted brashly and outlawed the Red Faith and forsook his own faith in the Allfather. Arthas Edvardsson Ruric was outraged at this, being a notable Keeper of the Red Faith. A moot was called and Jevan abstained from participating. The City of Vjorhelm was then sacked by the Crusaders before another moot was called and Jory Eiriksson Ruric was made King of Norland.


The Rurikkid Clans on Atlas had faced a notable rebellion from their vassal House Silversteed. Jory Eiriksson Ruric would fight the rebellion in the fields of Atlas before finally challenging Avalon Silversteed, the Patriarch of the House, to a duel where Jory slew Avalon before his people and the men of Arbor. After Jory's reign, his son would ascend to the throne, Godden Eiriksson Ruric. Godden had worked to rebuild the strength of the Kingdom of Norland and managed to claim much success in it before the Kingdom of Renatus would declare once more a holy war against the Red Faith leading to a complete Norlandic defeat. Torsten Eiriksson Rosik would be proclaimed King of Norland, being of the Herald's Blood but taking the name Rosik.


The Rurikkid Clans on Arcas suffered much before eventually regaining their strength and unifying once again as three kindred clans lead by the sons of Edvard. Alvar Freysson Ruric's betrayal of his brother, Doran, lead to the vassilization of Norland once again under the Empire of Man. Alvar gave aid to the Renatians during the War of Two Emperors before founding Dunharrow, where they called a moot and elected Edvard II Edvardsson Ruric in 1717 FA. Edvard II dissolved the Kingdom of Norland in 1721 FA as it fell into inactivity and obscurity. He had ordered the destruction of Dunharrow and the construction of Pinemarch, before once again establishing a city named Morsgrad. Vladimyr Eiriksson Rosik, son of Torsten, appeared in Morsgrad and challenged Edvard II, who was now ill, to a duel. Edvard would kill Vladimyr in this duel but sustain grave injuries which lead to his death and the revelation of his secret son Godric Edvardsson Ruric. Godric was instrumental in the unification of the Alliance of Independent States and Rubern War which ultimately lead to his people's downfall and his own sickness. It was during his sickness in 1749 FA where Chadmyr Edvardsson Ruric was made regent and lead in steed of Godric's son, Caedric Edvardsson Ruric. Chadmyr would most notably end Norlandic involvement in the Rubern War. When Caedric came of age in 1761 FA he was named Duke of Morsgrad, leading a great military reformation within his lands and consolidating power. In 1764 he would make the Declaration of Norlandic Pride which reformed the Duchy of Morsgrad into the Fifth Kingdom of Norland. Caedric as King of Norland lead many reformations most notably reviving interest in Norlandic history and culture and started many diplomatic friendships. Eventually, after bringing his Kingdom from the brink of abandonment and inactivity Caedric had abdicated his throne to his son, Halvar Edvardsson Ruric. Halvar was noted for the participation in the Inferi War where he lead his people into combat against the Inferi Legions.


The Rurikkid Clans on Nyrheim continued to be lead by Halvar Edvardsson Ruric and expanded upon the successes laid out for them during Caedric Edvardsson Ruric's reign. Halvar quickly expanded upon the kingdom's friendship with the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska and Grand Kingdom of Urguan forming the Iron Accord. Halvar would go on to declare war on the Orenian Empire due to a series of falied attempts to resolve a large number of hostile actions taken by the Empire. Halvar would abdicate the throne to his son Sven II Edvardsson Ruric, who would continue to pursue the war until 28 SA. Sven would later die during an attempt to cleanse the Norlandic catacombs of an infestation of danûngol. Sven II would be replaced by King Vane Freysson, the first king chosen by Kingsmoot since the Norlandic reformation in 1764 FA.

Root Clans & Branch Houses

Norlandic scholars form two distinctions between the various Root Clans and Branch Houses of the Rurikkid. The Roots Clans were formed by the three sons of Thoromir Ruricsson Armahnk. A Branch House is a cadet house formed by siblings of the firstborn primogeniture who wish to be distinct from their brothers and sisters.

Clan Edvardsson

The sons of Edvard have taken the name Edvardsson.

House of Caunter

The sons of Avon Edvardsson Ruric had left the Kingdom of Norland and forsaken their Norlandic names so as to live more peacefully outside the Norlandic Realm.

Clan Eiriksson

The sons of Eirik have taken the name Eiriksson.

House of Ashton

The bastard son of Eirik Thorsson Ruric, Olaf Ash, was granted the name Ashton for his service to the Norlandic people and brave actions taken against a great undead threat.

House of Rosik

The son of Rodrik Eiriksson Ruric, Torsten Eiriksson Rosik, had taken the name Rosik after wishing to distance his line from the Ruric name.

House of Rorik

The son of Javier Eiriksson Ruric, Jorvik Eiriksson Rorik, had taken the name Rorik after wishing to distance his line from the Ruric name.

Clan Freysson

The sons of Frey have taken the name Freysson.