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Write a summary of the magic, explain some basic stuff, such as the source and general usage.


Please add the historical backstory of the magic to this section, including it’s origin and later development.

Learning & Teaching

Try to explain how people can learn this magic or if they can learn this magic through tomes. Also add information on how to teach this magic to someone else.


Give a short summary of the general abilities and their usages.


How does one progress through the magic? How long do they need to study until their reach a new tier? Do they need an application?


What limitations are there? Does the magic have a specified range? Does it need a special cataclyst?

Arcane Magic Transfiguration · Telekinesis · Void Translocation · Void Shifting
Elemental Evocation · Conjuration
Sensory Illusion ·
Deity Magic Shamanism · Druidism · Paladinism
Dark Magic Fjarriauga · Necromancy · Shade · Mysticism
Artificery Arcane Familiars · Golemancy · Chi · Ki