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| [[File:Kortrevich COA.png|150px]]
| [[File:Kortrevich COA.png|150px]]
| Margrave of Korstadt <br> Baron of Koravia
| Margrave of Korstadt <br> Baron of Koravia
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House of Kortrevich
Kortrevich COA.png
established. 1695
Country: BackgroundHaenseCoatBiggerCrown.png Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska
Margraviate of Korstadt
Barony of Koravia
Founder: Otto Kortrevich
Current Head:
Viktor Otto Kortrevich
Heir Apparent:
Karl Otto Kortrevich
Ethnicity: Karovian
House Motto: With Duty, Comes Honor

The House of Kortrevich (Common: Kortrevich; High Imperial: Kortrevinus) is a militant Highlander House sworn to the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska. The House was originally established by the first patriarch, Lord Otto Kortrevich following the titular enfeoffment of the Barony of Koravia by His Royal Majesty, King Marius II. The family retains its formidable stature in the Haeseni peerage and continues to duly serve their country through contributing towards the Kingdom's military, economic and political functionaries. Since its establishment, the family has consummated marriages to several Haeseni houses including the Houses of Baruch, Vyronov, Alimar and Vanir.


Brothers in Arms


The Dawn of House Kortrevich


The Emergence of House Kortrevich


The Golden Era of House Kortrevich


Clash Amongst Cousins


Sacrifices, Abdications, Resurgence


Coat of Arms

The current coat of arms of House Kortrevich consists of several symbolism's that reveal the House's loyalty and prominence:

The field of the Kortrevich coat of arms consists of two halfs; the top half consisting of a dark red canvas with a black bull emerging on top. The bull symbolizing unwavering amount of strength and determination. While the bottom half consists of the Kingdom of Haense's royal colors which are black and gold which symbolizes the Kortrevich's undoubted amount of loyalty and servitude to their kingdom.

Notable Figures

  • Ser Rodrik Kortrevich- Imperial Grand Knight of Renatus under Emperor Godfrey II, Known for his treasonous acts against the Haeseni Crown, Former Knight Paramount of Haense, Famed swordsman who led countless of Renatus forces to victory during the War of the Two Emperors. Killed by the hands of Ser Nikolaus which resulted in the pair's demise.
  • Markus Kortrevich- 1st Margrave of Korstadt, 2nd Baron of Koravia, Lord Palatine of Haense, Knight Paramount of Haense, City Steward of Reza, Restored the House's lost prestige following his father's abdication. Well-known for his contributions to the Haeseni; Education reform, Military reform and Tax reform. His tenure in office fell victim to controversy after making ill-advised rulings.
  • Viktor Kortrevich- 2nd Margrave of Korstadt, 3rd Baron of Koravia, Publisher & Writer of B&K Publishing. Revitalized the family's standing following his father's controversial patriarchy.

Patriarchs of Kortrevich

Name Portrait Birth
Death Coat of Arms Title(s)
Otho I
Otto Kortrevich
Otto Kortrevich.jpg 16th of Tov and Yermey, 1677
Markev, Haense

Son of Lukaz I
Kaitlyn of Koravia
Renatus, Oren
1 child
Alive Kortrevich COA.png Baron of Koravia
Marcus I
Markus Otto Kortrevich
Markus.png 17th of Msitza and Dargund, 1719
Reza, Haense

Son of Otho I
Winnifred of Muldav
Reza, Haense
2 children
Alive Kortrevich COA.png Margrave of Korstadt
Baron of Koravia
Victor I
Viktor Otto Kortrevich
ViktorKortrevich.png 18th of Msitza and Dargund, 1741
New Reza, Haense

Son of Marcus I
Marya of Ayr
New Reza , Haense
2 children
Alive Kortrevich COA.png Margrave of Korstadt
Baron of Koravia