Cleric Magic

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Cleric Magic

Blessed by their patron Tahariae, a cleric may, after many years of praying and meditation, grow a greater connection to their patron, and further be blessed by their powers. In fights against the darker beings, and in healing and helping of the pure and mortal, the clerics receive the gift of magical powers to aid them. While it is not necessary to be in the clerical order to receive the blessing of the patrons, the man or woman has to find a way to learn how to control and use such blessing. Although it is possible on their own, by searching and investigating for information, there are not many who succeed. While clerical healers have been seen outside the order, most if not all of the war clerics are part of it.

The boon granted by Tahariae is different for healers and war clerics. However, both branches of Clericalism come in generally comes in four variations aesthetics-wise. Much like auras, each person has their own color ranging from white, blue, gold, and silver and some clerics feel that the colors represent certain things.

Blue - Light of the Paladin, given to clerics who are very focused on purging evil and the effects it has.

White - Light of the Pure, describes wise clerics who are spiritual and literal guides for clerics and Descendants.

Gold - Light of the Knight, for those who are selflessly dedicated to protecting and assisting those around them.

Silver - Light of the Priest, dedicated to other clerics and the mission of Purity as a whole.

(Do note, these are IC beliefs and clerics are not forced to conform to them)

Priest Healer

A priest healer is as what the name implies, a healer. They are still servants of Tahariae and can slay evil, but not with their light granted by Tahariae. Priest healers CAN NOT use their light for combat or use it to slay evil. Instead, most of the smiting is done by their War Cleric brethren or by Priests using mortal weapons. A healer is capable of many feats ranging from sealing a cut up to purging taint from the victim's body. The boon granted to them by their patron is different from a war cleric's in the sense of the light. A healer's light is much more stable than a war cleric's light and won't be useful for all war cleric duties.


There is one important thing that a healer must know: anatomy. A healer must know the body of whom they are healing as instinctively as they know how to breath. If not, their healing will not be effective and they will only have wasted time, possibly leaving the victim worse off than before. The extensive time spent learning how the body works and the process of actually healing will leave the priest healer weaker than a normal.

Once a person has proven themselves, they will be able to connect with Tahariae and be granted his boon. At first, a healer will only be able to channel a little bit of light, not being able to sustain it for longer than a few moments. Over time, they can hold it for longer. Once they are able to sustain a small amount of light, they will begin using it to heal by learning how to heal small cuts and bruises. Trying to heal bigger woulds will cause the healer to be incapacitated from the amount of effort needed.

Once the teacher deems the student ready to advance, the healer will begin to heal longer, but still shallow, cuts, almost as long as a man's forearm. This, of course, will exhaust the healer at first until they are more capable of handling the magic.

After more training, the student will able to healing greater illnesses and injuries. The healer will begin to delve into eliminating poisons from the body and will be able to repair deeper gashes.

After many lessons, the teacher will begin to show the student how to do the more advanced forms of healing. Purging taint and healing bones, for example.

Things a priest healer can not do:

1) Revive the dead.

2) Regrow anything larger than a finger or ear. Arms and legs are a no no.

3) Use voidal magic in tandem with learning clericalism.

4) Use their light to blind others, that is for war clerics only.

5) Use their light for combat or any war cleric duty, such as combating evil.

War Cleric

A war cleric is the opposite of a healer. They carry out Tahariae's will in a much more violent approach. Their boon grants them a less stable light, capable of being molded into weaponry and used in combat. One of the most famous ability they possess is the Flames of Reckoning, also known as holy fire. However, war clerics can never use their abilities against normal descendants, otherwise Tahariae will send one of the Itharel down to rip their connection out.


War clerical magic is combat-based and should only be pursued by those willing to face the darkest of creatures. In order to combat these creatures, the warrior's light is able to be manipulated in various shapes and forms. A student starts off just the same as a priest healer, learning how to channel their light and maintain it until they can manage to do so for a good chunk of time.

Once they are able to do that, they are taught a staple spell which involves coating their hand in light. Once mastered, a warrior will be able to use this light to blind their opponents, but mastery of the spell takes years.

After learning how to coat their palm in light efficiently, the warrior will be taught next how to form an orb of light. This trains both manipulation of light and gives the war cleric a ranged attack once they are capable of using it well. When thrown, the orb will speed up to roughly 100 mph, no faster. The bigger the orb, the slower it goes. This deals blunt force damage to their opponent upon impact.

When a student is able to master manipulating the light to form an orb, they are then taught to manipulate it into more complex shapes. The most common being weaponry. This is reserved for more experienced war clerics, as it takes many years of training to be able to shape the light into shapes of this caliber. It's also one of the spells that drains a war cleric, so it should be used sparingly.

The last and most well known spell is the Flames of Reckoning. This holy fire is capable of a handful of things, burning dark creatures and purging tainted land, for example. Only those that have practically mastered this branch of Clericalism are able to perform such a spell. Descendants can not be hurt by this fire, as it only targets taint.

Things a war cleric can not do:

1) Permanently blind someone with their light.

2) Form animals or other such shapes with their magic.

3) Emote their holy fire being harmful to normal descendants.

4) Just like a healer, a war cleric can not practice voidal while under the service of Tahariae.

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