Battle of Robert's Folly

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Battle of Robert's Folly
Part of the Sedan Rebellion


Date: 17th of Godfrey's Triumph, 1812
Place: Providence, Holy Orenian Empire
Result: Decisive Orenian Victory
Holy Orenian Empire:
OrenianFlag.png Holy Orenian Empire
Principality of Sedan & Allies:
scyflings?.svg.png Rebel Auxiliary Group
OrenianFlag.png Peter d'Arkent, Duke of Sunholdt
OrenianFlag.png Erik Othaman, Viscount of Valles
OrenianFlag.png Caspian d'Arkent
scyflings?.svg.png "Otto"
scyflings?.svg.png "Fredrick"
scyflings?.svg.png "Ollie the Jolly"
~1,800 Infantry ~1,300 Infantry
~100 Dead or Wounded ~900 Dead or Wounded


After the capture of Baron Robert Helvets, an Imperial Peer turn Sedanian in 1811, he was held in imperial custody until the 17th of Godfrey's Triumph, 1812; the date of his trial. During the early hours of the morning, an Imperial scouting party led by Anastasia O'Rourke had spotted a sizeable force of armored soldiers lurking around the walls of Providence who were assumed to be allies of the Principality of Sedan by Oren. After the scouting report had reached Erik Othaman, an Imperial State Army officer, the gates of Providence were closed. Soon after the band of armored soldiers soon reached the front gate and forced it open, pouring into the city afterward.

Several men quickly grabbed an Imperial Princess and held her hostage, demanding that unless the Baron was released to them, her throat would be slit open. The Imperials refused to respond. Down in the cells where the Baron was being held, things had escalated, with the Baron eventually losing his life. Upon word of his death reaching the forces amassed in the city square, the Imperials attacked the rebels, and fighting broke out in the streets. This would come to be known as the Battle of Robert's Folly named for the late Baron by the Imperials.


The outnumbered rebel force pulled back towards Helvets Avenue, the main street of Providence in an attempt to spread out the larger Imperial force. Many divisions of Imperial soldiers gave chase and followed the rebels however, I.S.A Lieutenant, Caspian d'Arkent, recognized the rebel trap and ordered the Orenian forces to return the square. The rebel force turned, giving chase to the Imperials. It was then, Caspian ordered the Imperial force to stand and hold their ground. The overwhelming Imperial force was quickly able to defeat the majority of the rebel force and the rest of the rebels were scattered throughout the city. The fighting continued for another hour as rebel fighters were chased down and slain in the city. Despite this, a decent few managed to climb over the walls and escape Providence


The Battle of Robert's Folly was the second and last battle in the Sedan Rebellion which continued to raise Imperial morale. After the Imperial War Office publicized their victory in the Battle, Sedan openly responded by claiming they had no involvement in the attack on Oren. As for the Imperial Princess held hostage by the Rebels, she was taken southwards into Southern Arentania however, she was released somewhere along the road to Redenford.