Barony of Krew

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Barony of Krew
Norlandic Coat of Arms
Capital: Village of Krew
Languages: Common
Demonym: Krewite or Polnoci
Religion: The Red Faith
Government: Hereditary Absolute Monarchy
Baron: Alric Edvardsson Ruric
Baroness: Leyna Kazimir
Heir: Caedric Edvardsson Ruric
Lord Steward: Vacant
Currency: Norlandic Mark
Historical Era:

War of Wigs (53 SA)

Preceded by:: Sarissa.png Duchy of Rozania

The Barony of Krew, also known simply as Krew, is an absolute hereditary monarchical barony made up of primarily Humans, of Norlandic and Rozanian descent. Located in the Eastern reach of the Kingdom of Norland. Krew was established for the Rozanian people to reside after the disillusion of the Duchy of Rozania.



The Barony of Krew was established in 50 S.A. by King Vane Freysson Ruric and Baronage was granted to Alric Edvardsson Ruric and his wife Leyna Kazimir.

Culture and Society

Krewite society is very tolerant of other races, being primarily Norlandic and Rozanian in descent.


The Red Faith is the primary religion of the Barony of Krew.


The primary language of the Barony of Krew as it stands is Common. Rozanian is spoken, generally as a second language, by the Baronial family.


The Barony of Krew is ruled by a Baron, as a vassal of the King of Norland. Since the establishment of the Barony of Krew in 50 S.A. by Alric Edvardsson Ruric and his wife Leyna Kazimir the land has been ruled as an absolute monarchy, with the Baron being the ultimate authority in his lands.


The Barony of Krew follows the primogeniture system of inheritance.


Male-preferenced primogeniture succession is the standard system of inheritance, with all children of the Baron able to inherit with preference given to their sons. The son of the reigning Baron is the heir-apparent. Should the Baron bear no sons, then the Baron's daughters shall inherit. If there are no daughters, then the Baron's wife shall inherit. Should the Baron's wife not survive the title shall be returned to the King of Norland.


The majority of Krewites make their fortune by farming the fertile lands around the village.

Notable Clans, Families, and Houses of Krew

norland.png Edvardsson
Clan Kazimir COA.png Clan Kazimir


The geography of the Barony of Krew is located at the top of a mountain where a water spring is located, with a fertile valley to its West.