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The Sutican Civil War


Date: 38 SA - 39 SA
Place: Commonwealth of Sutica
Result: Loyalist Victory
  • The Southern Sutican Alliance disbands
  • Queen Johanna I is reaffirmed as Sutica's monarch
  • Leaders of the Rebellion taken into Haeseni custody
Sutican Loyalists & Allies:
NewSuticanArms.png Commonwealth of Sutica
Archduchy of Hyspia.png Archduchy of Hyspia
Alstreim.png Landgraviate of Alstreim
SavoyCoatOfArms.png Duchy of Corazon
BackgroundHaenseCoatBiggerCrown.png Kingdom of Haense
BarclayCOA.png Duchy of Reinmar
OrenianFlag.png Holy Orenian Empire
new sedan2 .png Principality of Sedan
The Southern Sutican Alliance:
Komnenos-Arianites.png Barony of Trabzon
scyflings?.svg.png Lordship of Keornhall
rustlers.png The Rustlers
Silver Lubba.png The Silver Lubba Band
NewSuticanArms.png Johanna I, Queen of Sutica
NewSuticanArms.png Corwin Alexander, Crown Prince of Sutica
Archduchy of Hyspia.png Cesar II, Archduke of Hyspia
Archduchy of Hyspia.png Carlos Mendez, Lord of Castle Mendez
Alstreim.png Ulrich Lothar, Landgrave of Alstreim
SavoyCoatOfArms.png Olivier Renault, Duke of Corazon
BackgroundHaenseCoatBiggerCrown.png Heinrik II, King of Hanseti-Ruska
BackgroundHaenseCoatBiggerCrown.png Ser Ailred var Ruthern, Lord Marshal of Hanseti-Ruska
BarclayCOA.png Sir Friedrich Barclay
BarclayCOA.png Johann Barclay, Baron of Sigradz
OrenianFlag.png John VIII, Holy Orenian Emperor
new sedan2 .png Leopold I, Prince of Sedan
new sedan2 .png John Hartcold, 1st Viscount of Fauconberg
Komnenos-Arianites.png Filippos Komnenos, Baron of Trabzon
scyflings?.svg.png Keorn, Lord of Keornhall
scyflings?.svg.png Corbin Wick ✝
rustlers.png Elsiimah'Ceru, Boss of the Rustlers
Silver Lubba.png Mika Uialben, The Silver Lubba

The Sutican Civil War was an internal conflict between the Commonweath of Sutica and the rebellious vassals of Trabzon and Keornhall. The war began when the Rebel faction announced that they would renounce their oaths of fealty and would move to depose the current Queen of Sutica and the Barclay-Alstreim dynasty. In response, Sutica received foreign aid from the nations of Haense and Oren as well as the Urguani vassal-states of Sedan and Vasiyeva. Following the declaration of support, Haense began military operations almost immediately.

Battles, Skirmishes, and Sieges


  • 38 S.A
    • The Rebel faction declares their intentions to overthrow the current Sutican government and renounce their oaths of fealty, thus forming the Sutican Southern Alliance. [1]
    • A host of Rebels march into the Capital, but are unopposed due to Queen Johanna I taking shelter in the palace. Bloodshed is avoided and the Rebels return to their keeps.
    • Sutica almost immediately receives foreign backing from both the Kingdom of Haense and the Holy Orenian Empire, with Haense instantly sending troops to aid the Alstreim Queen. [2][3]
    • The Brotherhood of Saint Karl, led by Lord Marshal Ailred Ruthern, occupy the abandoned Sutican city of The Rhein, preventing the rebels in Trabzon a northern path of retreat. [4]
    • Lord Marshal Ailred appoints Sergeant Flemius and Sergeant Henry Bishop to establish a garrison within The Rhein to monitor rebel movements.
    • The Archduchy of Hyspia by default moves to support the Loyalist faction, with Carlos Mendez calling in the Mercatorii to fight on Hyspia's behalf.
    • The Duchy of Reinmar remobilizes in order to protect Queen Johanna I due to familial ties. [5]
    • The Sutican Loyalists, primarily the Haeseni expedition, increase fortifications within The Rhein. Simultaneously, the Sutican Rebels increase fortifications at Keornhall.
    • The Southern Sutican Alliance, having just secured mercenary contracts with the Rustlers and the Silver Lubba Band, march to the Loyalist occupied Barony of The Rhein and engage the Haeseni garrison stationed there, sparking the Battle of The Rhein. The Loyalist forces emerge victorious, boosting morale and getting battle experience under the belts of many of the fresher recruits.
    • The Principality of Sedan, having ties to Sutica and Haense, joins the war on the Loyalist side. [6]
    • The Church of the Canon declares support for the Barclay-Alstreim Dynasty, and encourages its members to fight for Queen Johanna. [7]
    • The Imperial State Army marches to reinforce the Brotherhood of Saint Karl's garrison at The Rhein.
  • 39 S.A
    • After peace talks between the Southern Sutican Alliance and the loyalist-aligned Kingdom of Haense and Commonwealth of Sutica, the Southern Sutica Alliance surrenders unconditionally and the war is declared a Loyalist victory. [8]