Henry Bishop, 1st Count of Döbern

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Henry Bishop
Baron of Avoria
Tenure: 1822-1836
Predecessor: Petyr Bishop
Successor: Leopold de Joannes
Count of Döbern
Tenure: 1831-1836
Predecessor: Title Created
Successor: Leopold de Joannes
Born: 1784, New Reza, Kingdom of Haense
Died: 12th of the First Seed, 40 S.A. Duchy of Reinmar, Kingdom of Haense
House: House of Bishop
Spouse: Viktoria Bishop (Née Sawer)
Father: Devan Bishop
Mother: Katrina Bishop
Children: 4
Wars fought: The Sedan Rebellion
Battle of Southbridge
The Rimetroll War
The Nachezer War
The Haeseni-Haelun'orian War
The Sutican Civil War
the Battle of The Rhein

Henry Bishop, also called Henry the Stoic, was the Second born son of Devan Bishop, the Second Baron of Avoria, the First Count of Döbern, and the third patriarch of the Bishop Family. Following his cousin Petyr Bishop's extended absence, Henry declared himself the new Patriarch and Baron of Avoria and has overseen the family's affairs since. In the year 1831 (35 SA), Henry Bishop created the County of Döbern after being elevated in status by Prince Leopold de Joannes. He later returned the titles of Count and Baron to the Sedanian crown in order to pursue ambitions in Haense.

Early life

Henry Bishop was born to Devan Bishop in the year 1784 and was the younger brother of Godfrey Bishop. His early life mostly consisted of martial lessons with his Father, in which he was taught from the age of five how to ride horses, clean his weapons and armor, how to use proper combat stances, etc. From there, the young Bishop's life took a tragic turn when his Father died shortly after the Bishop family moved to Helena, and thus Henry was stranded in Helena with his older Brother, who suffered severe burns.

Eventually during the fall of Arcas, Henry and Godfrey were rescued by their uncle Einar Kvitravn, who made sure the two made it to the Haeseni evacuation point. From there, Henry sailed to Almaris alongside his Brother.

Upon arriving to Almaris, Henry split from his Brother and Uncle as he went to live in the Commonwealth of Sutica so he could start his own life, despite being so young. There he resided within the Barony of the Rhein and had minimal contact with his Brother or Uncle. For this reason, he was unaware of the death of his Brother or Uncle until several years later when he happened upon Godfrey's grave while visiting Osanora.

At some point, Henry was able to reconnect with his cousins on the Josephite side of the family and met up with them at The Rhein. There, his cousins moved into Henry's residence and the family was able to bond over their experiences since the fall of Arcas. It was about this time when the Bishops unanimously decided that Henry's cousin Petyr Bishop should be the Patriarch of the Family. Despite being the surviving son of Devan Bishop, Henry respectfully backed down from the position and allowed Petyr to have it. With Petyr in charge, the Bishop Family began to lean towards joining the Holy Orenian Empire and pledging the family's fealty to the Emperor. This plan would soon backfire, as one of Henry's cousins would be unjustly murdered by the Imperial State Army after being captured and interrogated for being a supposed member of a rebel organization.

Ironically, the killing of one of Henry's cousins prompted the entire family to go to the Principality of Sedan, which at the time was rebelling against Oren in the Sedan Rebellion. Seeking revenge for the killing of their kin, Henry urged Petyr to pledge the family's fealty to Sedan and as a result the Bishops were given titles and knighthoods by Louis I, Prince of Sedan. Henry partook in a handful of small scale skirmishes during the Sedan Rebellion, including the opening battle known as the Battle of Southbridge. Henry would be one of the few Sedanian soldiers to escape the battle with his life and was able to regroup with his fellow Sedanians back at Sedan Castle. Eventually, the Bishops were forced to flee Sedan upon the defeat of the Sedanian forces and the conclusion of the Sedan Rebellion


Following the fall of Sedan; Henry and the rest of the Bishop family moved to the Kingdom of Haense where they pledged fealty to Henry II of Haense and were given shelter from the wrath of the Holy Orenian Empire. Upon entering Haense, Henry immediately enlisted in the Brotherhood of Saint Karl, having become addicted to a militaristic lifestyle following the war in Sedan. From there, he partook in the Rimetroll war which almost saw the deaths of two of Henry's cousins if not for Henry luring the trolls away and throwing Carrion cocktails on them. Despite the war being a Haeseni success, Henry's Cousins were badly wounded enough for them not to see action again for the rest of the conflict. A few years later, Henry met and fell in love with Viktoria Sawer, a traveler who had been wandering through Haense. After a few years, the pair were married in a small-scale ceremony, and Viktoria soon became pregnant with their first child. In the coming months, Henry saw tensions between himself and his Josephite cousins increase to the point where he feared for the life of his Wife and unborn child. Henry soon met and pleaded with Friedrich Barclay, Duke of Reinmar to allow him and his wife to stay within the Duchy of Reinmar. Friedrich accepted on the condition that Henry work for the Barclay family as both a guardsman and a Farmer. Henry agreed so long as he would be allowed to continue his duties in the Brotherhood of Saint Karl.

Viktoria gave birth to a healthy boy just a few months later, which Henry named Erwin Gottfried Bishop in honor of both Erwin Barclay and his late brother Godfrey. Henry and Viktoria went on to sire three more children; Maya, Friedrich, and August. Their life in Reinmar was relatively peaceful up until the beginning of the Nachezer War, which saw Henry deployed to several locations within the Kingdom of Haense. In one particular battle in which he had been deployed to defend Valwyck, a Nachezer trebuchet slung a rock into the castle, which sent shrapnel flying around and blew Henry's left arm clean off.

Military Career


Titles, Styles, and Honors

Titles and Styles

  • 1784-1811: Mister Henry Bishop
  • 1811-1822: Sir Henry Bishop, Knight of Sedan
  • 1822-1831: His Lordship, the Baron of Avoria
  • 1831-1836: The Honorable Count of Döbern
  • 1836-present: Henry Bishop, Patriarch of House Bishop


Name Birth Death Marriage
Erwin Bishop 5th of The First Seed, 21 S.A Deceased Married Firstborn child of Henry Bishop and Viktoria Sawer.
Maya Bishop 7th of Malin's Welcome, 26 S.A Deceased Unwed Secondborn child of Henry Bishop and Viktoria Sawer.
Friedrich Bishop 11th Amber Cold, 28 S.A Deceased Unwed Thirdborn child of Henry Bishop and Viktoria Sawer.
August Bishop 4th of Malin's Welcome, 29 S.A Alive Married (div. 73 S.A.) Fourthborn child of Henry Bishop and Viktoria Sawer.