Petyr Bishop, 1st Baron of Avoria

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Petyr Bishop
Baron of Avoria
Tenure: 1811-1822
Predecessor: Created Title
Successor: Henry Bishop
Born: 1773, New Reza, Kingdom of Haense
Died: 1854, Karosgrad, Kingdom of Haense
House: House of Bishop
Spouse: Mariya Sofia Bishop-Drăghicescu
Father: Joseph Bishop
Mother: Unknown
Children: 4
Wars fought: The Sedan Rebellion
The Rimetroll War

Petyr Bishop, Also known as Petyr of Avoria or Petyr Bishop, 1st Baron of Avoria, is the founder and first Baron of Avoria as well as the second patriarch of the House of Bishop. Having reclaimed the title of Patriarch of House Bishop a near twenty years after the death of Devan Bishop, he has since led to a rebirth of the Family's morals and has managed to lead the family through multiple hardships throughout his tenure. He is most notable for his action in the Sedan Rebellion, in which he pledged his Family's support for the Principality of Sedan and fought against the Holy Orenian Empire and was granted the Barony of Avoria. After the failure of the Sedanian uprising, Petyr later pledged fealty to Heinrik II of Haense and was sheltered from being extradited by the Empire. Since then, he and his family has held on to the title of the Barony of Avoria, though it is mostly titular.

Early Life

Birth and family

Petyr was born to Joseph Bishop around the year 1773 in the city of New Reza. He was brought up by his Father alongside his cousins and uncles. From the age of Five, he was taught how to fight by his Father and taught the ways of politics by his Uncle Devan. Not much else is known about his early life other than he was brought to Sutica by his Father upon the death of Devan and Gandhicus Bishop. From Sutica, he sailed to Almaris where his Father later passed away peacefully of unknown causes.

Young Adulthood

Not much is known of Petyr's young adulthood, except for that he spent much of it with his Brothers Viktor and Apoloniusz. They moved into the Barony of the Rhein where Petyr decided to reclaim the title of Patriarch of the Bishop Family, and began to search for other lost Bishops. He was successfully able to locate Luka Bishop and Henry Bishop, both of whom had been separated from the main family after the deaths of Devan and Gandhicus Bishop. From there, he went on to try and establish a career in the Holy Orenian Empire, even temporarily being named the diplomat to Sutica. From there, a tragedy occurred in the family after Viktor Bishop was summarily executed by the Imperial State Army under false charges of terrorism. Following this incident, Petyr was inexplicably removed from his position as diplomat and the family went back to living in the Barony of the Rhein.

The Sedan Rebellion

Petyr was eventually convinced by his cousin Henry Bishop to pledge the family to the Principality of Sedan. The motives for this were to avenge Viktor Bishop, and to hopefully secure a good future for the Family.


Name Birth Death Marriage
Adrien Bishop-Drăghicescu 5th of The First Seed, 1792 Alive Unwed Firstborn Son of Petyr Bishop.
Ivarus Bishop-Drăghicescu 7 of Malin's Welcome, 1793 Alive Unwed Bastard secondborn son of Petyr Bishop, allowed to use family surname.
Edrich Bishop-Drăghicescu 11 Amber Cold, 1798 Alive Unwed Thirdborn son of Petyr Bishop, twin of Wilhelm.
Wilhelm Bishop-Drăghicescu 11 Amber Cold, 1798 Alive Unwed Fourthborn son of Petyr Bishop, twin of Edrich.