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County of Osanora
Flag of the County of Osanora
Capital: Osanora
Religion: Traditional Canonism


Demonym: Osanoran
Government: Vassal County
Count: Cesar II of Hyspia
Noble House: de Rivera Emblem.png House Rivera
Preceded by:

Hyspia.png Kingdom of Hyspia (1795)

The County of Osanora (condado de osanora in Santegian) is a Sutican vassal situated in the deserts of the South. Led by House Rivera Osanora is a land of opportunity, mina, and festivities.


Osanora was founded by Antonio De Medina and several other former members of the Kingdom of Hyspia after it was unable to sustain itself as an independent nation following the collapse of Arcas and death of Cesar I of Hyspia. Antonio De Media made an arrangement with the leaders of Sutica to grant himself land within the new Sutican borders and offered Hyspia sanctuary. After the death of King Cesar, the regent of Hyspia agreed to this and Hyspia merged with Osanora and became a landless vassal-state.