Leopold I, Prince of Sedan

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Leopold de Joannes
Leopold de Joannes.png
Prince of Sedan
Tenure: 1816-1856
Predecessor: Alexander I, Prince of Sedan
Successor: Frederick I, Prince of Sedan
Born: 17 S.A, Sedan Manor, Principality of Sedan
Died: 60 S.A, Providence, Holy Orenian Empire
House: House de Joannes
Spouse: Margaret Mariya Amador (d. 37 S.A)
Julia Vespira Castile (m. 43 S.A.)
Father: Alexander I, Prince of Sedan
Mother: Henrietta de Otistadt
Children: 8
Wars fought: The Sutican Civil War
Oisin's Rebellion
First Battle of Louisville
Second Battle of Louisville
Sacking of Róża
The Urguani-Orenian War
Battle of St. James
Battle of Jarad's Tavern
Battle of Waystone
Siege of Southbridge

Leopold de Joannes, regally known as Leopold I, Prince of Sedan, is the former Sovereign Prince of Sedan. He inherited the Principality after the death of his Father, Alexander de Joannes, and was placed under the regency of Owyn de Joannes until he came of age. He is well known for being the Prince who led Sedan into an age of reconstruction following the end of his regency, and under his reign the military of Sedan was reformed and its numbers boosted. He is also renowned for overseeing the construction of the City of Haverlock, which was built in the lands Urguan had conquered from the Holy Orenian Empire during the Urguani-Orenian War. Due to Leopold's immense overseeing of Sedan's reconstruction, he has been widely referred to by the moniker of The Rebuilder. He was later slain by Emperor Philip III himself, when Leopold attempted to swear fealty to the Holy Orenian Empire.

Early Life



Leopold's reign began when he reached the age of majority, and Owyn's regency came to an end. Almost immediately, Leopold found his Principality being constantly harassed by the bandit mercenary group known as The Rustlers. A few small-scale engagements were fought between Sedan and the Rustlers, and thanks to the military experience of his uncles Owyn, Peter, and Caelan, the Sedanians were able to capture the Rustler boss. After a brief negotiation, the Rustlers and Sedanians signed a peace treaty, which effectively ended hostilities between the Principality of Sedan and the Rustlers.

This would not be the only military engagement that Leopold would face in his reign. A few years later, the Sutican Civil War began, which pitted the loyalist Canonist Suticans against the Southern Sutican Alliance. At first, Sedan did not involve themselves in the Civil War. However, once the Kingdom of Haense joined the war, Leopold cited their friendship with Haense and Henry Bishop, whom was a Haeseni Sergeant and former Sedanian Lord, and joined the war on the side of the Loyalists. However, no Sedanian troops would see action during the Civil War, as the only battle which took place during the war took place before the Sedanians had entered. Nonetheless, Sedanian troops partook in the Loyalist-allied occupation for a few months after the fighting ceased.

The Third Conflict of Leopold's reign would be the one to cement his reign's memory throughout Sedan, and this would be Oisin's Rebellion. While initially Leopold only took a mild interest in the conflict, the Sedanians joined the war in full after the rebel leader, Oisin Roza, came to Sedan. After a few days of negotiation, Oisin hired the Goats of Sedan and the Principality joined the war on Oisin's side. The Sedanian involvement in the rebellion meant that their capital of Louisville would become subject to Loyalist incursions. The first of these incursions would be at the hands of a combined Rozanian-Rustler force, which came to Louisville in an attempt to root out and capture Oisin Roza. Leopold refused to negotiate, and thus the First Battle of Louisville started. Leopold and his men were able to easily cut down the attacking Army thanks to their knowledge of the land and their combat experience. The Second Battle of Louisville just a month afterwards, would see similar results as the first. These two early victories proved that Leopold was a capable field commander, and he used his advantages to push into Rozanian territory and storm the Rozanian capital. This battle, known as the Sacking of Róża, was a major Sedanian success. The Goats of Sedan were able to scale the walls and slaughtered any and all Loyalists present, and ransacked the city.

After the wars end, Leopold returned to peaceably ruling his domain, and saw to the growth of the Sedanian populace.


Later Life and Death


Titles, Styles and Honors

Full title as Prince of Sedan

The official title of Prince Leopold I is: His Serene Highness,Leopold I By the Grace of God, Sovereign Prince of Sedan, Count of Havelock, Louisville and Döbern, Viscount of Fauconberg, Baron of Avoria and Pyrmont, Protector and Lord of the Valley of Goats, the Haikaprier, Destroyer of Rozanians.


By Margaret Mariya Amador
Name Birth Death Marriage Notes
Olivia de Joannes 37 S.A Alive Unmarried Triplet Daughter of Leopold de Joannes and Margaret Amador.
Margarita de Joannes 37 S.A Alive Unmarried Triplet Daughter of Leopold de Joannes and Margaret Amador.
Cesarina de Joannes 37 S.A Alive Unmarried Triplet Daughter of Leopold de Joannes and Margaret Amador.
By Julia Vespira Castile
Name Birth Death Marriage Notes
Frederick Stanimar de Joannes, Sovereign Prince of Sedan 44 S.A Alive Unmarried Firstborn son of Leopold and Julia. Leopold's successor to the Principality.
Isaak Kastle de Joannes 45 S.A Alive Unmarried Second born child of Leopold and Julia.
Sofya de Joannes 46 S.A Alive Argus Romstun Third born child of Leopold and Julia.
Mariya de Joannes 45 S.A Alive Unmarried Third born child of Leopold and Julia.
Petrysa de Joannes 45 S.A Alive Filip Hieromar Amador, Baron of Mondstadt Fourth born child of Leopold and Julia.