Rasun Goldhand

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Rasun Goldhand
"A true ruler does not rule others, he rules himself."
Founder of the Kingdom of Alras, Jarl of Kal'Alras
Born: Unknown
Location of Birth: Halls of Urguan, Aegis
Died: Unknown

Rasun Goldhand (Dwarven: Rasun'Dural) was among the earliest Dwarves to walk the lands of Aegis. In his youth he established a small settlement known as Alras alongside his close friend Algoda Tombstone. Alras went on to become one of the largest nations in Aegis. After journeying in the wilderness for most of his life, he returned to Dwarven civilization as an old and wise Dwarf. One ancient scroll claims that he is the reason the Frostbeard Clan survived in the lands of Asulon after the sudden disappearance of the famed Karl Frostbeard. He took the sons of Karl under his wing, Gorum Frostbeard and Moruk Frostbeard, and allowed them to live among the Goldhand Clan to ensure the survival of their ancient clan. Shortly after he revived Kal'Alras alongside Gulroid Goldhand, allowing the Dwarven Kingdom to become an Empire under Kjell Ireheart.