Michael Sergius de Witt

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Michael Sergius de Witt
Born: 15th of Tobias' Bounty, 1940
United Kingdom of Aaun
Political Movement: The Sokol Movement
Nationality: Aaunite, Heartlander
Spouse: Wilhelmina of Batavia
House: de Witt
Father: Franz Amadeus, Count of Pompourelia
Mother: Owynina Basrid
Military Service
Aaun2.png Legion of Saint Godwin
Years of service: 1874 - Present
Rank: Aspirant

Michael Sergius de Witt was born as the son of Franz Amadeus, Count of Pompourelia, and Owynina Basrid. He was born and raised as a proud Raev as Mikhail Sergei Sarkozic but due to his later marriage to an Aaunite he took a cultural conversion to go through life as a heartlander, accepting his wife's culture, Batavian. And thus went by the name of de Witt.

Early Life


Later Life


Titles and Styles

  • 1940-1974: Lord Mikhail Sergei Sarkozic
  • 1974-Present: Sir Michael Sergius de Witt