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Philip Michael
Philip, ordained as a Friar of the Canon, c.1844.
3rd Viscount Provins
Tenure: 1838-1844
Predecessor: Simon Casimir
Successor: Amadie Marléne
Born: 1th of Tobias's Bounty, 1809, Provins, Oren
Spouse: Claude Élisabeth of Savoy (m. 1835)
House: Pruvia
Father: Simon Casimir, Viscount of Provins
Mother: Princess Anne Caroline of Oren
Military Service
Allegiance: OrenianFlag.png Holy Orenian Empire
Years of service: 1822 - 1844
Rank: Ensign
Wars/Battles: N/A

Philip Michael Pruvia, or simply Philip, is the current heir to the Viscounty of Provins as firstborn son to Viscount Simon. He was an ensign in the Imperial State Army and a ward to Holy Dame Helena Novellen, becoming a Holy Knight after the end of the wardship. After his father's denouncement in 1838 after he was suspected of harboring relations to the Azdrazi, Philip became Viscount of Provins, abdicating 6 years later unto his daughter to become a member of the priesthood.

Early years

Philip Michael was born the first child and heir-apparent of Viscount Simon Casimir and his wife, Princess Anne Caroline Novellen, on the first of Tobias' Bounty, 1809 (the equivalent of Second Era 13). Via his mother, he is a grandson of Emperor Philip II, which elevated his status as an heir and marriageable bachelor for the duration of his teenage years.

Philip as Heir to Provins, c.1825.

From birth, Philip was blessed with a curiosity in all matters of history, battle and law beyond his ken, and was complimented as a prodigy-to-be by many a person who met him. Thus, his parents assigned him with various tutors upon his 5th birthday, leading to the development of a sharp wit and intelligence in the boy. However, his interests were not singularly on education, as he longed to be like the great militant men he'd read about in the scrolls padding the Imperial Helen Antonia Library, a place he frequented. His role models included Emperors Aurelius and Peter III. This dream of his came to fruition when his parents announced that near the end of his 12th year he'd be boarded off to the Capital of the Empire to join the Imperial State Army, where he'd be assigned immediately as a Cadet due to his noble birth. His entrance to Providence was a shining light for the boy as he quickly created a bounty of close friendships with his fellow youths by attending many balls and congregations. At one such ball, he'd acquaint himself with the Holy Dame of the Church, Helena Novellen, who he would come to greatly admire, eventually asking to be placed under her as a squire.

Military Career

Philip Michael enlisted into the Imperial State Army near the end of the Tenth Nordling War. Due to his most noble lineage the boy started as a Cadet, before quickly being promoted to Ensign, leading to his induction into the fourth brigade.

Philip's daughters, the Madames de Provins, in 1848. Left to right: Amadie, Sophie and Anastasie.
Name Birth Death Marriage
Amadie Marléne Élisabeth 14th of Godfrey’s Triumph, 1836 Alive Charles Alexander of Carrington Firstborn child of Philip and Claude. 1st Countess Provins.
Anastasie Thérèse Caroline 11th of Horen's Calling 1838 Alive Balthazar III, Margrave of Myrine
Guillaume Louis Michel 12th of Owyn's Flame, 1843 Alive (1) Ophelia Vuiller
(2) Héloïse Halcourt
Married matrilineally, later divorced. Married again and created a new branch of Pruvia, House de Rochefort.
Jean Henri Antoine 5th of Sigismund's End, 1844 Alive Unmarried Was disowned from the family after siding with the Imperialists in the Brothers' War.
Sophie Clémentine Isidore 5th of Horen's Calling, 1849 Alive Count Aleksander of Susa
Eleanor Lucienne Adelaide 4th of Horen's Calling, 1850 Alive Prince Charles Leopold of Alstion Was disowned from the family after siding with the Imperialists in the Brothers' War.
Mathilde Cypriélle Angélique 2nd of Sun's Smile, 1851 Alive Baron Conrad of Guise, Lord Chancellor of Oren