John VIII, Holy Orenian Emperor

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Holy Orenian Emperor
Reign: 12th of Sun’s Smile, 1814 - 12th of Owyn's Flame, 1837
Coronation: 17th of Sun's Smile, 1815
Predecessors: Anne I, Holy Orenian Empress, Joseph II, Holy Orenian Emperor
Sucessor: Prince Philip, Duke of Crestfall
Born: 1757, Helena, Holy Orenian Empire
Died: 12th of Owyn's Flame, 1837 (aged 80), Augustine Palace, Providence, Holy Orenian Empire
Spouse: Wilhelmina of Cathalon (Divorced)
House: House of Novellen
Father: Joseph II, Holy Orenian Emperor
Mother: Anne I, Holy Orenian Empress
Military Service
Allegiance: OrenianFlag.png Holy Orenian Empire
Years of service: 1777 - 1814
Rank: Lieutenant
Unit: 2nd Brigade

John Charles Novellen (1757-Present) know regally as John VIII, was the eldest son of Joseph II & Anne I. He served as the Duke of Helena since 1785 and later the Holy Orenian Emperor in 1814 upon the passing of his father. In 1780, John married Wilhelmina Helvets of Cathalon. However, prior to John being crowned as the Holy Orenian Emperor, he divorced Wilhelmina after decades of a fruitless marriage. He remains to this day without a legitimate child and thus his brother, Prince Philip, Duke of Crestfall was made his Heir Presumptive.

Early Life

Titles, Styles and Honors and Arms

Titles and Styles

  • 1757 - 12th the First Seed, 1780: His Imperial Highness, Prince John Charles of Helena
  • 12th the First Seed, 1780 - 13th the Amber Cold, 1787: His Imperial Highness, The Duke of Furnestock
  • 13th the Amber Cold, 1787 - 12th of Sun’s Smile, 1814: His Imperial Highness, The Duke of Helena and Furnestock
  • 12th of Sun’s Smile, 1814 - present: His Imperial Majesty The Holy Orenian Emperor

Full title as Holy Orenian Emperor

His Imperial Majesty, John VIII, by the grace of GOD, Holy Orenian Emperor, forever August, King of Renatus, Curon, Kaedrin, Salvus, and Seventis, Defender of the Faith, Grand Duke of Ves, Duke of Adria, Novellen, Furnestock, Helena and Lorraine, Baron of Renzfeld, Protector of the Heartlanders, Imperial Highlanders, and Farfolk, etcetera.

Military Ranks

Holy Orenian Empire

  • OrenianFlag.png 1777: Lieutenant


Before his father's death in 1814, John bore the arms of the empire, differenced by a label of three points argent, showing him as the heir to the Holy Orenian Empire. Upon his accession as Emperor, John's arms were updated with the removal of the label of three points, to show him as the new emperor and head of the House of Novellen.

Coat of arms as Duke of Helena and Furnestock
John's arms as Holy Orenian Emperor


Name Birth Death Marriage Notes
Joseph Maria of Novellen 1803 Alive Unwed Bastard born to John VIII & his mistress Theresa Mae Halcourt. Only child of the Emperor.