Caius Tiberius de Ravensburg

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Caius Tiberius de Ravensburg
Chancellor of Sedan
Tenure: 1843 - Present
Monarch(s):Leopold I, Prince of Sedan (1843-1856)
Frederick I, Prince of Sedan (1856-Present)
Predecessor: Prince Peter de Joannes of Sedan
Successor: Joseph Caius de Ravensburg
Count of Ravensburg
Count of Ravensburg 1843-Present
Baron of Calmest 1860-Present
Predecessor: Robert Victor, Count of Ravensburg
Successor: Incumbent
Heir-Apparent: Joseph Caius de Ravensburg
Born: 21th of Godfrey’s Trimph, 1821, Aeldin
Died: Alive
House: House de Ravensburg
Spouse: Princess Helene Drahomira de Joannes of Sedan
(m. 1845- ann. 1883)
Father: Robert Victor, Count of Ravensburg
Mother: Esther Castile
Children: 6 Legitimate and 3 Illegitimate
Wars fought:
Oisin's Rebellion
First Battle of Louisville
Second Battle of Louisville
Sacking of Róża
The Urguani-Orenian War
Battle of St. James
Battle of Jarad's Tavern
Battle of Waystone
Siege of Southbridge
Battle of Lower Petra
Siege of Haverlock
Battle of Eastfleet
Philip III's Folly

Early life

Born in Aedlin to the exiled Robert Victor de Ravensburg, 3rd Count of Ravensburg and his Wife Esther Castile, Caius was the Firstborn son and heir to his Father's Title. He along with his other 4 siblings were raised in Aedlin until his Father, Robert Victor decide to send His eldest son and youngest daughter Caius and Roberta to Almaris under the wardship of his 2nd cousin once removed Leopold I, Prince of Sedan. Caius into his newfound home of Louisville more easily than his Sister Roberta which would later create conflict between the two siblings in their adulthood. Caius become the ward of the Vice-Chancellor John Alexander Hartcold, 1st Viscount of Fauconberg learning the ways of diplomacy, war, and Sedanian History. Caius would stay under Viscount Hartcold's Wardship until he was promoted to the position of Lord Justicar at the age of 15.

Under the de Joannes Chancellorship, Sedan was thrusted into the war of Osin’s Rebellion alongside their allies the Principality of Savoy and Osin Loyalist. Caius, a mere 15 fought in his first conflict during The First Battle of Louisville, had been given the taste of war the young nobleman would learn to ways of warfare.


Upon the death of Viscount Harold, Caius succeeded him as Vice-Chancellor where Caius would stay in for the next 3 years. It was at this time his father Robert Victor de Ravensburg, 3rd Count of Ravensburg passed away in Aeldin, with the death of his father from across the Ocean Caius inherited his Father’s title of the County of Ravensburg. Within days of his ascension to the comital title, he was promoted to Chancellor of Sedan, which he held until 1885.

After 41 years of Service as Chancellor of Sedan, Caius resigned as Chancellor taking up the mantle of Vice-Chancellor. His son and Heir, Jospeh Caius de Ravensburg became the new Chancellor of Sedan.

During his time as Chancellor due to Caius’ hard work and loyalty to Sedan, Prince Leopold I granted him to subsidiary title Baron of Calmest for his contributions to his homelands. Upon his resignation as Chancellor, Prince Frederick I of Sedan ___

Caius married Princess Helene Drahomira de Joannes, First Cousins to Prince Leopold I. They had 6 children together, After the birth of their last child Richard Alexander de Ravensburg Helene Disappeared without a trace leaving Caius behind to raise all 6 children by himself as well as continue his duties as both Count and Chancellor. In 1882 Caius Filed for divorce on the ground of abandonment, which was granted the following year in 1883

Titles, honours and styles

Titles and Styles

  • 1821-1836: The Honourable Lord Caius Tiberius de Ravensburg
  • 1836-1840: His Excellency Caius Tiberius de Ravensburg, Lord Justicar of Sedan
  • 1840-1843: His Excellency Caius Tiberius de Ravensburg, Vice-Chancellor of Sedan
  • 1843-1860: The Right Honourable Caius Tiberius de Ravensburg, Count of Ravensburg, Chancellor of Sedan
  • 1860-1884: The Right Honourable Caius Tiberius de Ravensburg, Count of Ravensburg, Baron of Calmest, Chancellor of Sedan
  • 1884- Present: The Right Honourable Caius Tiberius de Ravensburg, Count of Ravensburg, Baron of Calmest, Vice-Chancellor of Sedan


Illegitmate Issue
Name Birth Death Marriage Notes
Hieromar Stefan Jrent 1842 Alive Unmarried Illegitimate Son with Unknown Savoyard Woman
Beatrix Lilith Jrent 1845 Alive Lukács Mihail Drăghicescu Illegitimate Daughter with Unknown Savoyard Woman
Elyna Constance de Ravensburg 1866 1883 Unmarried Illegitimate later Iegitimized Daughter with Unknown Raevir Woman
By Helene Drahomira de Joannes
Name Birth Death Marriage
Joseph Caius de Ravensburg 1846 Alive Unmarried Firstborn Son and Heir to the County of Ravensburg
Victor Felix de Ravensburg 1850 Alive Unmarried Secondborn Son, Twin to Tiberius
Owyn Commodus de Ravensburg 1850 Alive Lettice Franziska d'Azor (died.1870) <be> Winnifred Ragnarsson Thirdborn, Twin to Victor
Esther Helene de Ravensburg 1851 Alive Unmarried Firstborn Daughter
Frederick Robert de Ravensburg 1853 Alive Unmarried Forthborn Son
Richard Alexander de Ravensburg 1854 Alive Unmarried Fifthborn Son