Sigismund I, Exalted Holy Orenian Emperor

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Sigismund I
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Venerated in: Church of the Canon
Scroll: Auspice
Holy Orenian Emperor
Reign: 1431-1447
Coronation: 14 Harren's Folly 1431
Cathedral of Blessed Jan Jeremi, Kralta, Oren
Predecessor: William
Successor: Henry I (As King of Oren)
Peter I (As Holy Orenian Emperor)
Diedrik Carrion
Tuvya Rosebud
Born: 4 Horen's Calling 1372
Castle Carrion, Plintz, The Duchy of Raev
Died: 1 Sigismund's End 1447 (aged 75)
The Krelmstad, Raev, Oren
Spouse: Helaine de Sarkozy
(m. 1410)
Issue: Emperor Tobias I (Legitimized)
Otto I, King of Renatus
Fyodor I, Prince of Ba'as
Princess Milena
Blessed Francis I, King of Oren
House: Carrion
Father: Boris Carrion, Duke of Raev
Mother: Julia Towers

Sigismund, also known as Siegmund (4th of Horen's Calling, 1372 – 1st of Sigismund's End, 1447) called Soothsayer, of the House of Carrion, was the first and only Holy Orenian Emperor of the Second Empire from 1431 until his death. Born as Siegmund to the ruling family of the vestigial Duchy of Raev, the Carrion lordling managed to avert the destruction of his house and ascend to the imperial crown after the Age of the Five Kings. His title of Exalted reflects his status as a prophet of the faith after receiving the Scroll of Auspice, the final book of the Holy Canon, along with liberating humanity from dwarven subjugation and uniting the realm after the cataclysmic Exodus.

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