House of Carrion

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House of Carrion
Carrion coat of arms
Country: Ruska, Hanseti, Oren
Holy Orenian Emperor
King of Oren
King of Haense
King of Hanseti
King of Ruska
Duke of Kraja
Duke of Adria
Count of Pravets
Count of Kovagrad
Count of Susa
Count of Dobrov
Baron of Woldzmir
Founder: Unknown
Current Head: Fyodor Ostrovich Carrion (Carrion-Tuvyic)
Ethnicity: Raevir
Cadet Branches:
BarbovCoatForum.png House of Barbanov
sarkozic.png House of Sarkozic
vidaus.png House of Ruthern
KovacCoat.png House of Kovachev
RickardBarrow.png House of Vladov
Ivanovich.png House of Ivanovich
HouseBasridCOA.png House of Basrid

The House of Carrion (Common: Carrion; Raevir: Carrion; High Imperial: Carrion) is an ancient House which survived by its cadet lines. In the span of centuries, the House of Carrion ruled over Oren and the Kingdom of Ruska prior to branching out into a myriad of noble families with historic legacies of their own right.