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LoreS1.png Note: This page contains information on a location from a past map that is no longer inhabited.

"Ruriksgrad, Capital of the Kingdom of Norland circa 1645"
Race: Primarily Human
Affiliation: Kingdom of Norland
Location: Southern Islands
Founded: 1642
King: Godden I
Queen: N/A
  • Mayor: Rodrigo
  • Chancellor: Rodrik Ruric
  • Marshal: Caspian Lombardi
  • High Shipwright: Jorvik Ruric
  • High Keeper: Galen
  • Chief Justice: Jorik Ruric
  • Steward: Jualia Willow

Ruriksgrad was a previous capital of the Kingdom of Norland, replacing Vjorhelm. It was constructed in 1643, by Jory I. The city was the main settlement of the Kingdom in Atlas during it's time. It was inhabited primarily by humans.


Norland survived the pillage in Axios, if just barely. They first set foot in Atlas around the same time as the other nations. Having witnessed the defensibility of the Krag in Axios, Jory sent a retinue off to find an island. The scouts found two islands that had not been settled yet, at the southern end of Atlas. It was agreed upon that these would suite Norland's needs well, with one of the islands becoming Norland's capital. The kingdom set to work, tasked with the responsibility of building their new town. The construction and gathering lasted two years before the denizens were satisfied with their work. In 1645 the city was opened to the public and named Ruriksgrad. An Ashwood seed was planted in the town square, as per tradition for a Norlandic captiol to have an Ashwood tree. The Norlanders were finally at home, safe and secure in their steadfast friendships and belief in the All-Father.
After a few years of fighting the Kingdom of Arbor and Duchy of Curon, Jory abdicated the throne to his son Godden Ruric.

Coronation of Godden I

Second Mayoral Election of Ruriksgrad

One of the most competitive elections within Norlandic history, filled with drama and constant slandering. In the end, after a long and hard year of constant campaigning, and dedication. Rodrigo ended up winning up a singular vote.


Ruriksgrad was located to the South of Atlas, taking up two islands, the first island was where the town and church were located, the last island was where the Royal keep was located, where all members of the Royal family resided. Ruriksgrad was in a prime spot for trade and transport by naval vessel, being surrounded by large swaths of water.

Notable Locations

The Royal Keep.

Royal Keep

The Kings keep was located on the last island. It was a four-story building that houses the King and Queen, alongside the rest of the members of House Ruric. The First story was the location of the Royal Hall, as well as the Feast Hall. The Second story contained the prison as well as a single room, the third story contained rooms for all the members of clan Ruric. The Fourth story was where the King and Queen's bedroom was located it could be found at the very top of the tower.

Town Square

The Town square was the center of Ruriksgrad, where grew the famous Ashwood tree. Surrounding this were large amounts of housing for the people of Norland to reside. Small shops could be seen just infront of the Ashtree.

Faith Church

The Church of the Red Faith was located at the western side of the town.



Ruriksgrad was the capital of the Kingdom of Norland. It was ruled by the King, but a large majority of work was done by the Ashen Council which consisted of five members, One being the Steward who was entrusted in giving out housing, as well as making sure the city was in the best state it could be. Religion and all issues surrounding it were handled by the High Keeper. All courts and trials were handled by the Chief Justice. Defending the city, as well as building an army in times of war was handled by the Marshal. All other work was handled by the Chancellor and King.


The Ruriksgrad military acted as the lawkeeping organization of the capital and the surrounding farmlands. Established along with the founding of the city, the group prided itself on preventing crime in the streets with the intent of a nonviolent approach if possible. The Rurikguard was closely tied to the Government with the Marshal being selected by the King himself.

Members of the Rurikguard received free housing as well as free arms. A Rurikguard footman could be recognized by the red and black color scheme of their uniform. Officers could be recognized easily by their uniform with extra pieces to indicate their rank.

The members of the Rurikguard were required to take an oath, swearing themselves to House Ruric. It was known as the Ashen Oath.



The majority of Norlanders adhere to the religion of the Red Faith and the teachings that Allfatherism entails.

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