Rhonin Perea

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The first born of the former King of Oren Pampo Perea and Lady Dawn Perea. He was a valiant warrior who would go out on many quests for the kingdom. On his last adventure he and his men encountered a force much greater than them, the forces slaughtered his men and left Rhonin with only the option of running away. Full of the feeling of grief he started a long walk of shame back toward Oren. He soon met a Mage who granted him one wish. Rhonin's wish was to get away from what just happened and have to time on his own…. The Mage then cast him in to the future. Doomed to walk the land of Asulon with no knowledge of where he was or what time he was in.

He wandered the land for years until one day he found himself at the Sanctuary of the Cloud Temple. Seeking advice he asked a monk what to do. The monk pointed him towards Salvus and told him he would find a home there.

When he arrived at Solace the first thing he took notice too was a bakery called Dawn's Bakery. Quickly he rushed to the nearest person who looked important, which happened to be an Orcish shaman… Rhonin inquired about who actually owned the shop. The shaman lead Rhonin to the keep, where Rhonin was reunited with his mother and was brought up to speed about what happened with Aegis and how his father and younger brother were killed.

It is not known if he escaped the destruction of Asulon.