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LoreS1.png Note: This page contains information on a location from a past map that is no longer inhabited.

Laurelin was the capital city of the Holy Princedom of Malinor in Aegis. There were five main districts to Laurelin: Old Laurelin (or Central Laurelin), West Laurelin and the Docks, North Laurelin, East Laurelin and South Laurelin. The city was one of the largest in all of Aegis.


No eyes have been set on the beautiful forest city of Laurelin, heart of The Holy Princedom of Malinor, without tears of wonder. In the tops of these grand redwood trees are the homes of Elves. A miracle in their architecture and a wonder in their beauty, at night the glow stones shimmer setting the outlines of the central Mother Tree, spiritual home of all Elves. Like the Dwarves, the best defence of the capital city of the Elves is the hidden nature of the city. On these tree tops lies a sprawling city, peaceful inns, libraries and cosy homes, however in the lower districts lay the Elven armories, smithies and taverns. No city matches the magical atmosphere of Laurelin, the beautiful voices of the Elves permeates the cool forest laden air, a calm breeze flows through the leaves and a constant symphony of bird calls and rustling echoes in the distance.


A powerful Arch Druid from one of Malinor's eldest cities came to Aegis to help us with the erecting of Laurelin's tree's. I met him at the cobblestone spires to the west of the Aegis Temple. We set off on foot to a mountain gorge I had come across that would act as a natural barrier to our foe's. Once we arrived, the Druid wandered around in the valley reaching into a pouch on his hip every so often. He showed me the seeds in said pouch, and they had tiny, intricate vines woven around them, with a shine very similar to glow stone. Whilst my brigade of builders were creating the cities defensive wall, the tree's begun to grow exponentially! It seemed as though the tree's grew faster the taller they got and soon the canopy raised hundreds of feet above us. It was a wonderful sight, the leaves sprung out of the branches with a burst of the similar glowstone sheen, and sprinkles metallic dust swirled down from the tree tops.

There was still however, a large clearing in the center of the city. This of course was for the "Mother Tree". A tree to harbor them all. He grabbed a bit of parchment from his satchel and looked over at me reassuringly. The Arch Druid then walked to the center of the clearing, and began to cast a powerful spell upon one of the seeds. Leaves suddenly spun around him wildly, and a wonderful green color radiated around him like an aura.

The tree's trunk sprouted around him, and he was no longer in view. I was rather frightened when i saw this, hoping he hadn't casted the spell incorrectly. As The Mother Tree grew to its ultimate height, I saw a small opening halfway up the tree. Low and behold, the Arch Druid stood in the opening proclaiming "This is where the stone alter shall lay".

Once the tree's seemed to stop growing, we climbed up the tree's with packs of wooden planks and began setting down the first few platforms. In time, Laurelin had become one of the finest cities of Malinor… And to think it had all begun with just a pouch of seeds and a pinch of Druid Magic.

- Native the Elf


    • Old Laurelin**

The Mother Tree, the spiritual home of all Malinorian Elves, stood strong and proud in the center of Old Laurelin, along with the High Prince's quarters, the Library of Laurelin, and the Elven Council's headquarters.

Near the gates of Old Laurelin, a central trade district that once bustled with Elves and visiting merchants going about their daily routines had fallen into disuse due to the introduction of the new and larger trade district in West Laurelin. Just up the road from the grand entrance the Treetop Tavern deceivingly sat near the ground with Laurelin's river running behind it, where many Elves enjoyed Malinor's finest on the balcony with a cool breeze passing by. Further up the road was a blacksmith's shop and Elf dwellings.

    • West Laurelin**

Laurelin docks were the base of trading operations. The Elves of Laurelin shipped large amounts of materials rare to the outside world and received materials that were from lands distant from them.

Near the docks, the grand Druid Tree overlooked the sea while glowstones swayed gracefully from it's long branches.

With the addition of a sea gate to control trade in the Elven empire, a new section of West Laurelin was created, a new center for trade and business, replacing the original trade district in Old Laurelin.

    • North Laurelin**

When entering Laurelin from the Prince's Road visitors passed the great Elven Gauntlet, where brave Elves tested their wits and agility against nature's fiercest challenges. Nearby, those who manager to conquer the Gauntlet, or those with the intelligence to pass on the challenge, celebrated or relaxed at the Swift Elf Tavern or Dawn's Bakery.

    • South Laurelin**

A relatively new construction in the Laurelin proper, this section was created when the decision to put a wall up around the city was enacted, so as to provide for the expanding nation of the Elves, and satisfy their need for housing. Constructed by the High Prince and his team of builders, this section was mostly comprised of housing, with the occasional store or farm appearing.

    • Southwest Laurelin**

The newest district to be built, this section had numerous houses and shops. It could be found by following the road left by the Forest exit.