Jevan Eiriksson Ruric, King of Norland

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Jevan Eiriksson Ruric
King of Norland
Reign: 1640 - 1642 FA
Coronation: 12th of the Deep Cold, 1640 FA, Vjorhelm, Kingdom of Norland
Predecessor: Javier Eiriksson Ruric
Successor: Jory Eiriksson Ruric
Born: 15th of Malin's Welcome, 1613 FA
Vjorhelm, Kingdom of Norland
Death: 15th of the Grand Heavest, 1642 FA
Vjorhelm, Kingdom of Norland
Spouse: Andrea of Castrov
Clan: Rurikkid Clans, Eiriksson
Father: Javier Eiriksson Ruric
Mother: Unknown Woman

King Jevan Ruric also known as Jevan "The Ash Prince" was the Ninth reigning King in the reformed Kingdom of Norland, succeeding his father Javier I Ruric, Jevan removed the Red Faith as the official state religion, believing this to be a wise decision at the time, ultimately this act was his downfall, having lost half of his army, aswell as fighting a war within, and against the Crusaders.


Early life

Jevan Ruric was born in Vjorhelm, Norland, being the oldest of 4 brothers, during the majority of his life was spent being tutor'd by Javiers best scholars, to eventually prepare him for when it was his time to take up the mantle as King of Norland, and Chieftian of Clan Ruric.


During Jevan's reign, he removed the Red Faith as Norland's main religion. After the Siege of Vjorhelm Jevan fled the city with a small group loyal to him, found only a few months later dead.

Keintanian Rebellion

While in a meeting in the Norlandic capital of Vjorhelm, Javier gained news of a rebellion starting in Santegia. He looked to his son Jevan and sent him out with a garrison of Ashguard to support the Santegians in the war. Jevan made it to Santegia with a large force of 2,100 Ashguard, ready to assault the Barony. The Battle would be known as the Siege of Keintania, ending in Norlandic and Santegian victory

Third Crusade

In the Battle of the Bloody Road Jevan Ruric fought by his father's side, leading the Norlandic infantry, coming to King Javier's aid when he was called upon, and surpassed every expectation the King had set for his son. Once the news came that Adelburg had been taken King Javier withdrew the Norlandic troops. The long march was hard on the aging king and king Javier grew ill. A courier was sent to Jevan Ruric with a message claiming that a Crusade had been called by Everard IV, who now marched against Norland. Jevan rode to where his father's illness was being tended to deliver the news himself. The grey-haired king looked to his son and gave him a new task. Jevan was to march a group of 6,000 men against the 8,000 crusaders in a battle that would come to be known as the Battle of Rochdale. Jevan lost the battle fleeing with only a few hundred men, he arrived in Vjorhelm, and prepared battle plans on how to defend the city, knowing the Renatus would attack. Javier entered the room and abdicated to Jevan. His rule coming at a rough time, recruited as many soldiers as he could in order to defend the city, issues began to rise with the red faith, Jevan having to fight off a coup of Arthas Ruric and Exander Ruric while worrying about the Crusade. The time came when the Crusaders reached the capital of Norland Vjorhelm. This battle would be known as Siege of Vjorhelm


During the Siege of Vjorhelm, Jevan commanded what remained of the Rurikguard until their last dying breath, he eventually fled with what was left of Norland. Believing to have failed his father, his house, and his people. Upon their landing, Jevan fled the Norlandic refugees and was found a few months later, hanging from an old tree, it is rumored he was buried somewhere in the Norland just before having to flee Axios.

Full title as King of Norland

His Majesty Jevan I of the House Ruric, King of Norland and Chieftain of the Norlandic People, Jarl of Vjorhelm, Jarl of Krag, Jarl of Svenheld, Jarl of Dragonwood, Bulwark of the Norlandic People.