Demetrius var Ruthern

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Demetrius I
Count of Metterden
In Office: Unknown
Predecessor: Maric, Count of Metterden
Successor: Boris Nikolas Ruthern
Born: 1561
Died: Late 30s
Spouse: Sofia Amador
House: Ruthern
Father: Maric, Count of Metterden
Mother: Isabel Stafyr

Demetrius var Ruthern was the second Count of Metterden in Axios. He was most notable for his stance in defense of Emperor Philip and the Empire during Andrew's Rebellion. Count Sergius of Turov's withdrawal of support for King Andrew II influenced Count Demetrius to do the same, effectively ending the month long rebellion and maintaining the status of the Kingdom of Haense as a vassal of the Empire. He was a peaceful man by most accounts, rarely raising his sword in anger and preferring to settle matters as diplomatically as possible. Economically, he was very successful for most of his reign, holding lands in Johannesburg and Karlsburg, and even controlling a short-lived Worker's Guild. With the aid of his brother Godric var Ruthern, he was one of the richest men in Axios. Sadly, the early suicide at his wife sent him into a spiral of depression that lasted for most of his life. The Worker's Guild ground to a sudden halt, and the money from the Ruthern coffers vanished. In 1595, his eldest son, Boris Nikolas Ruthern, petitioned for and was granted the County by King Marius I of Haense, due to his father's depression. 2 years later, his father died suddenly. The cause of his death was not clear, but foul play was not suspected.


Name Birth Death Marriage Notes
Count Boris of Meterden 1583 13th of The Grand Harvest, 1601 Unwed Successor of Count Demetrius, former Count of Meterden.
Aleksandra Abrielle Ruthern 1584 Deceased Stefjan Kovachev N/A
Adelaida Isabel Ruthern 1584 Deceased Marius I of Haense N/A
Viktor Alric Ruthern 1585 Deceased Unwed N/A
Tuvya Dmitry Ruthern 1585 Deceased Unwed N/A