Andrew II of Haense

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Andrew II
King of Hanseti-Ruska
Reign: 4 Deep Cold 1582 - 3 Sun's Smile 1586
Coronation: 9 Deep Cold 1582
Ottosgrad, St. Karlsburg
Predecessor: Peter I
Successor: Marius I
Lord Chancellor: Prince Charles van Bihar
Born: 11 Sun's Smile 1564
Ottosgrad, St. Karlsburg
Died: 2 Deep Cold 1586 (aged 21)
Johannesburg, Oren
Spouse: Reza Elizaveta of Turov
Issue: Marius I, King of Haense
Katherine Aleksandra, Princess Royal
Otto I, King of Haense
House: Barbanov
Father: Peter of Haense
Mother: Elizaveta Ruthern

Andrik Otto, known regally as Andrew II, (Common: Andrew Otto; High Imperial: Andreas Ulysses; Hansetian: Andrik Otto) (11th of the Sun's Smile, 1564 – 2nd of the Deep Cold, 1586) called The Winter King, of the House of Barbanov, was the second King of Haense from 1582 to 1586, abdicating in favor of his infant son Marius. A rash youth, he is most notable for his assassination of John IV, Holy Orenian Emperor, spurned on by the Emperor's apparent insanity and declaring a short rebellion against the Holy Orenian Empire called the Deep Cold Uprising. Regarded as a tremendously negative move by his vassals, he was quickly ousted in the following months by a coalition of loyal Hansetian lords, most notably the Count of Turov and the Count of Metterden.

Life & Reign

Andrik Otto Petrovic was born to Petyr Barbanov and his wife, Elizaveta Ruthern, in the County of Metterden before his father's accession of Duke. As crown-prince of Haense, he became extremely popular by the Hanseti military and the nobility. He grew up being known for his charismatic nature yet was a very rash thinker. Once crowned in the year of 1582, he'd lay down the groundwork that was laid by his father and the last Lord Palatine left for Andrik.

Andrik worked well with settling new villages along with forts throughout his kingdom. He would later join the Imperial conquest upon the orcish people, which is where Andrik was able to show his capabilities by leading the vanguard in the Siege of San Uruk. After leading many forced-expulsions as King and even at the time of being Crown-Prince, he'd command multiple times within the army against his enemies successfully due to his arrogant nature.

After the assassination of Emperor John III, he went to visit the new Emperor, John IV. Slighted by the Emperor's insults towards his family, and suspecting the Emperor's involvement in the death of his own father, Andrik murdered him. This act of rebellion, which would later be known as the Deep Cold Uprising, initially had the support of his vassals. However, after Emperor Philip I's offer of pardons to any Haeseni lords who sided with Oren or declared neutrality, Andrik's vassals quickly turned on him and forced him to step down. His abdication was soon followed by his capture, as well as his execution in the court of Emperor Philip, boiled to death in a bath of milk.


Name Birth Death Marriage Notes
Marius I of Haense 12th of Malin's Welcome, 1584 15 Sun's Smile 1611 Adelaide of Metterden Successor of Andrew II.
Katherine Aleksandra, Princess Royal 12th of Malin's Welcome, 1584 Deceased Sergei II of Carnatia N/A
Otto I of Haense 27th of the Deep Cold, 1586 13 Great Harvest 1627 Katerina Reza of Carnatia Successor of Stephen I, and 6th King of Hanseti-Ruska