Bastion Ireheart

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Bastion Ireheart
Art by: B3ast_mod
"Bastion Ireheart"
Born: 1400
Death: 1612
Family: Clan Ireheart
Father: Igor Ireheart
Mother: Gili Strongbrow
Spouse(s): Avilia Frostbeard

Bastion Ireheart was a prominent dwarven statesman who eventually became one of the last kings of the pre Ulrah Urguan.


Born to the well known Igor Ireheart, Bastion was a dwarf that was meant to be into government ever since he was born. He proved himself in the eyes of many dwarves when his father died and he decided to fight the Orenian States in the Fringe.

When the battle was over Bastion once again left the dwarves, only to return years later in Athera. While once he was strictly traditional, once he returned his views seemed to have changed. He became more cool headed and eventually was able to become the clan father of the Ireheart clan. This was happening at the same time that the Orenian Empire declared war on Urguan. With time he was honored to become part of the Kingsguard of Balek Irongut. However, with the transition to Vailor, Bastion once again disappeared.

He returned in Axios to serve as a Kingsguard to the Grand King, Algoda Frostbeard.However his service to Grand King Algoda came to a swift end following the King's assassination, one that led him to be elected as the next Grand King of Urguan. Despite having inherited the war against Oren from his predecessor Bastion still focused on internal affairs of the nation more than the war. He was eventually able to lead his forces combined with an allied Coalition to find victory at the battle of the Goldfields, proving to be the killing blow against the Orenian Empire.

After the war Bastion enacted multiple reforms, such being: a revision of the Articles of Urguan, Codex of Laws, re-establishing past guilds and forming the Grand Council of Urguan. Additionally improving the wealth of the Grand Kingdom, much of which was lost under the rule of Torvin Grandaxe, this was the high of his career.

Without an outside enemy to fight Bastion had a hard time keeping his nation motivated and the rise in Frostbeard nationalism kept the king in constant worry. Eventually he fell into a coma, which made things worse. After waking up from a coma he began walking in the streets of Kal'Omith beginning to feel pity for himself in a result he committed suicide, tumbling off the balcony of the King's Palace into the streets below. His death would be the spark that would eventually allow the second Frostbeard Rebellion to happen.


Bastion was a strong mountain dwarf, muscular and battle ready. He had the tattoos and armor of his clan always visible for those around to so. Only when he became king did he change his armor to something more fitting of royalty.


Bastion was married to Avila Frostbeard and had children together. Avila was assassinated during Bastion’s rule but the murderer was never found. His children were left orphaned once he committed suicide. It is known that one of his daughters; Valia Frostbeard-Ireheart was adopted by the Kha Tepah much to Kerwyr Frostbeard disapproval who was the girl’s grandfather.


Despite his reforms Bastion’s legacy is one of having allowed the rise of separatism and the eventual rise of Kaz’Ulrah. Bastion was the last King of a truly united dwarven race until the formation of Agnarum and later the Under realm of Urguan.


  • During Bastion’s reign the worship of Wyrvun was permitted.
  • Some say that Bastion was responsible for his wife’s death.
  • Bastion allowed the branding of Kerwyr Frostbeard for his crimes against the other clans