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Algoda Frostbeard II
"With reforms, we will grow.”

Grand King of Urguan, Ruler of the Dwarves
Reign: 1589-1593
Predecessor: Torvin Grandaxe
Successor: Bastion Ireheart
Born: 10th of the Deep Cold, 1372
Alras, Asulon.
Died: 9th of Malin's Welcome 1593
Johannesburg, Oren
Spouse: Olenna Ireheart
Parents: Algoda Frostbeard, Unknown
Children: Barradin Frostbeard

Algoda Frosbeard II (Dwarven: Algod Azwytrumm) also known as Grand King Algoda Frostbeard I (born Tombstone; 10th of the Deep Cold, 1372 - 9th of Malin's Welcome 1593) was a dwarven politician and the 24th elected ruler of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. Born in Alras, his father Algoda I Tombstone was the founder and first King of the two Alrasian lords. Following the controversial disposal of his predecessor, Algoda launched a successful campaign to succeed the exiled Torvin Grandaxe as Grand King of Urguan, inheriting a war started by the former administration against the Holy Orenian Empire. His actions in leading the formation of the anti-Orenian Axionite Coalition earned him the epithet "the Mighty."

After constructing Kal'Omith and leading the Axionite Coalition to a first victory, he was captured and executed by Philip Frederick, Emperor of Oren.


Algoda reigned between 1589 and 1593, re-organizing Urguani economy and bureaucracy. His reforms are generally heeded as great successes.

Under Algoda, Urguan once again shifted its focus to its military and accrued significant militaristic strength.

Algoda ordered the destruction and reconstruction of the then-decrepit city of Kal'Nikaer, erecting Kal'Omith in its stead. Kal'Omith was regarded as one of the largest dwarven cities ever built, rivaling Kal'Azgoth in its size.


On a visit to a personal friend, Algoda was kidnapped and taken to Johannesburg for execution. Emperor Philip Frederick made a display of the Grand King's murder, hoping that his death would quell the Axionite Coalition. Algoda's last words of "This changes nothing," however, came to ring true as his organization of the Axionite Coalition ensured its continued existence after his demise. Gorum Frostbeard is appointed Lord Regent after his death, prior to the election of Bastion Ireheart.


Algoda is credited with conceiving the Axionite Coalition, from its creation until his death he was regarded as its leader. Many scholars believe much of the undercutting and distrust that culminated towards the end of the victorious campaign was due to the Coalition lacking a leader. Algoda's initiative in maintaining a strong coalition ultimately resulted in the demise of the Fifth Empire of Oren after decades of its rule over Axios.

Algoda constructed the city of Kal'Omith from blueprints drafted by Paragon Omithiel the Builder. His various bureaucratic and infrastructural reforms are credited with reviving the internal dwarven economy and returning Urguan to international prominence.