Richard Staunton

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Richard I.jpg
Duke of Courland
Reign: 1537-1547
Predecessor: Percival I
Successor: Andrew
Born: 12th of the Suns Smile, 1503
Highclaire, Eruthos
Died: 8th of the Amber Cold, 1563
Riga, Courland
Spouse: Natalia of Haense
House: Staunton
Father: Percival Staunton
Mother: Dorothy of Petrus

Lord Richard Staunton was an Imperial noble and statesman, most notably serving as the second Duke of Courland after the death of his father, Duke Percival Staunton I. He was the father of Lady Amelie Staunton, shortly wife to Emperor John II, Lady Roseia Staunton, wife to Count Sergius of Turov, Duke Andrew of Courland, and Duke Alexander of Courland.