Andrew Staunton

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Duke of Courland
Reign: 1547-1550
Predecessor: Richard
Successor: Alexander
Born: 1st of the Amber Cold, 1531
Riga, Courland, Oren
Died: 8th of the Suns Smile, 1550
Riga, Courland, Oren
House: Staunton
Father: Duke Richard of Courland
Mother: Natalie of Haense

Lord Anden Staunton, known as Andrew of Courland, was an Imperial nobleman, soldier, and served as the Duke of Courland following his father's abdication in 1547. The youngest son of his father, Anden was raised to the ducal seat when his older brother was absent and secured his position with his close ties to the current reigning Emperor at the time, Emperor John II. Unfavored by the local nobility, an uprising following his act of bestowing Kraken's Watch to exiled House of Vanir led his suicide and elevation of his older brother Alexander Staunton.