List of Haeseni Aulic Envoys

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The Aulic Envoy of Haense (New Marian: Aranyiaz), officially known as the Aulic Envoy and Lord Kastellans of the Crown, is the ranking member who holds the authority overseeing the Kingdom’s foreign affairs, second only to the King. The title was formed under the reign of Robert I in 1682, and many notable figures in the Kingdom's history have served as Envoy (such as in the case of Ithilian Enthelor, Martin Kortrevich, and Sigmar Baruch. The holder of the title is chosen directly by the King, and serves until death, resignation, or removal from the office.

List of Aulic Envoys

Portrait Birth Death Coat of Arms King(s)
Ithilian Enthelor
(13 years)
IthilianEnthelor.png 16th of the Amber Cold, 1652
Markev, Haense
Unknown Ignoble Robert I (d. 1707)
Position vacant from 1695-1719 under Robert I and Marius II
Martin Kortrevich
(11 years)
MartinKortrevich.png 6th of the Grand Harvest, 1679
Markev, Haense
20th of the First Seed, 1736
Reza, Haense
aged 57
Kortrevich COA.png Marius II (d. 1719)
Andrew III (d. 1746)
Erich Stafyr, Count of Nenzing
(6 years)
ErichStafyr.png 19th of the First Seed, 1712
Nenzing, Haense
Unknown stafyrcoa.png
Sigmar Baruch, Duke of Valwyck
(17 years)
Duke Sigmar.png 16th of the Sun's Smile, 1709
Ayr, Haense
9th of the Sun's Smile, 1813
Valwyck, Haense
aged 104
Andrew IV (d. 1754)
Position vacant from 1753-1788 under Andrew IV and Sigismund II
Viktoria, Queen of Hanseti-Ruska
(3 years)
vik.png 12th of the Deep Cold, 1751
Metterden, Haense
13th of the Amber Cold, 1802
Karosgrad, Haense
aged 51
biharcoa.png Josef I (d. 1806)
Jericho ben Tertulian
(14 years)
JerichoRudi.png Unknown 5th of Malin's Welcome, 1805
Karosgrad, Haense
Andrik Baruch
(34 years)
AndrikBaruch.png 19th of the Grand Harvest, 1777
Valwyck, Haense
Alive baruchsimple.png
Heinrik II
Sigismund III
Jan Kortrevich, Count of Jerovitz
(3 years)
JanKortrevich.jpg 20th of the Grand Harvest, 1798
Krusev, Haense
9th of the First Seed, 1842
Jerovitz, Haense
aged 44
Kortrevich COA.png