House de Lewes

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House de Lewes
Country: Aaun2.png Aaun
Count of Lewes
Baron of Virdain (Formerly)
Founder: Leufroy Renault Ashford de Savoie-Lewes
Current Head: Henri Leufroy, Baron of Virdain
Heir-Apparent: Jean Renault Ashford de Lewes
Ethnicity: Savoyard
Language: Savoyardic, Common
Parent House: desavoiCOA.png House de Savoie

House de Lewes was founded by Prince Leufroy Renault when Olivier I, Prince of Savoy, granted the title of Lewes on his first name day in the year 1828.



Head of House de Lewes

The House of de Lewes... WIP

Portrait Birth
Death Coat of Arms Titles
Leufroy Renault
Leufroy de Savoie-Lewes
"The Outlaw Prince"
leufroyrenault.png Principality of Savoy

Son of Olivier I, Prince of Savoy

Caterina Louisa Helane
5 Children
San Luciano, Principality of Savoy desavoiCOA.png Head of House de Lewes
Count of Lewes
Godfrey Renault
Godfrey Renault de Savoie-Lewes
desavoiCOA.png Principality of Savoy

Son of Leufroy, Count of Lewes

N/A Unknown desavoiCOA.png Head of House de Lewes
Count of Lewes
Fernand Auguste
Fernand Auguste de Lewes
FernandChancellor.jpg Ulmsbottom, Aeldin

Son of Hughes Laurent de Savoie-Lewes

Amelia of Varoche
6 Children
Alive HouseDeLewes.png Head of House de Lewes
Baron of Virdain
Henri Leufroy
Henri Leufroy Sigismund Ashford de Lewes
HenriLeufroy.jpg 9th of the Grand Harvest, 1929, Whitespire, United Kingdom of Aaun

Son of Fernand Auguste de Lewes

Katharina of Velen
6 Children
Alive HouseDeLewes.png Head of House de Lewes
Baron of Virdain

Notable Figures

Henriette Aurelie of Lewes - Grand Princess consort of Minitz through her marriage to Brandt Wilheim Barclay
Godfrey Laurene of Lewes - Duke consort of Valwyck through his marriage to Roslin Baruch
Lucia Marie of Lewes - Princess consort of Aaun through her marriage to Emil Caius Alstion
Marguerite Adela of Lewes - Marchioness-consort of Haute-Epine through her marriage to Louis-Auguste de Rosius. Mother of the Crown Princess of Aaun, Adela of High Peak.
Leufroy Alexandre of Lewes - Margrave-consort of Velen through his marriage to Philippa Ilena von Reuss
Laurène Renaulta of Virdain - Princess of Merryweather through her marriage to Johannes von Alstreim, Prince of Merryweather.