High Pontiff Lucien III

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High Pontiff
Lucien III
lucienIII 2.png
Reign: 1537-1546
Enthronement: 13th of the Amber Cold, 1537
Predecessor: Everard II
Successor: Tobias I
Born: 16th of the Amber Cold, 1519
Cordobe, Couentre
Died: 7th of the Grand Harvest, 1546 (aged 27)
Holofernes, Balain, Oren
Father: Rafael de Cordobe
Mother: Constanza Cortés

Lucien III (Common: Lucien III; High Imperial: Lucius III) (16th of the Amber Cold, 1519 – 7th of the Grand Harvest, 1546), born as Fernando Raphael de Cordobe, was High Pontiff between 1537 to 1546. He is best remember for his part in the Eighteen Years' War, where he himself fought in the field.

Born to an influential Couentran family of Cordobe, the child Fernando would migrate, along with the rest of his family, to the Holy Orenian Empire after the accession of Aeldin-born John I, under pressure of the highly fanatical Prince Redino of Couentre's regime and the lynching of Canonists by Owynist extremists and Drakkmarr raiders. He would spend majority of his young life within Luciensport, where his father became bishop underneath Everard II and was later executed for seditious conspiracy at the Second Diet of Metz. At the age of 13, Fernando became altar boy to the Vice-Chancellor Adrian Chivay; at 16 he would be consecrated and ordained, and through the influence and close relations with Everard II, was raised a cardinal at the age of 17. With the surprising death of Everard II, Fernando pioneered the Everardian stance with great fervor, with the cardinals who zealously supported the previous pontiff standing in support for the young man. With the slim vote of 3-2, Fernando was chosen as the succeeding High Pontiff.

His term as High Pontiff would be known as the second and last of the reigning pontifical heads in the Everardian Period, the time of Church revitalization and regrowth. Under Lucien III, the faith militant nearly doubled its numbers and he converted the struggling seaside town of Luciensport into an important landing point and garrison for the Eighteen Years' War. He also continued the implementing of numerous Golden Bulls, second only to Everard II. Despite continuing the policies of his predecessor, Lucien III fell out of favor with numerous lords, and more importantly, Emperor John, namely for his lack of diplomacy and rapid militarization. The clerical faction which protested against Everard II also grew tremendously under Lucien III, in conflict with the young pontiff's warlike nature. In the words of clergyman Clement August de Pondt, Lucien III 'dresses and speaks more like a wanton soldier than the head of the eternally faithful'. Despite such criticism, it would be by his words that convinced Nafis Yar, Lord Protector of Vandoria, to convert to Canonism and eventually lead to the annexation of Vandoria to the Holy Orenian Empire years later.

Lucien III would meet his end at the young age of 27 in the battlefield, perishing at the Battle of Marnadal in 1546 against an Orcish flank. His faith militant was soon disbanded, and his cousin Miguel Cortes dismissed, by order of his successor and rival, Tobias I.