Kingdom of Vandoria

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With the return of House Rovin and the birth of the Second realm, the union of Khalestine and Aesterwald forms the Königreich of Vandoria.

Aulic Council

  • The King-in-Council

Godfrey I of the House Horen

The King-in-Council is the King's title as seated on the Aulic Council. He has absolute and irrefutable command over the military, economy, diplomacy, and all other stately matters, private, public, domestic and foreign. In the event there is a temporary vacancy on the Vandorian throne, the legally designated Lord Regent shall hold this position in council.

  • Obserte Kanzler - Supreme Chancellor

Arlen Kharadeen, Sultan of Khalestine and the Qalasheen

The Oberste Kanzler, Supreme Chancellor in Common, is charged with the maintenance of the Crown’s relationship with its people, vassals, and foreign entities. Additionally, the Oberste Kanzler is the administrator for the Aulic Council, organizing, updating, and directing them in their tasks. The Oberste Kanzler is the default designated regent of the Kingdom, and his authority is superseded only by the King-in-Council.

  • Marschall

Belisarius Rhys Lotherington Rovin II

The Marschall is the general of the armies of the Kingdom of Vandoria. He is charged with the security of the Kingdom’s borders, and the extinguishment of threats both external and internal. He has the power to rally the Kingdom’s banners at his discretion, for the defense of the Kingdom’s wellbeing. His authority is superseded only by the Oberste Kanzler and the King-in-Council.

  • Estre Verwalter - First Steward

Lord Mithias Dalma

The Estre Verwalter, First Steward in common, is charged with the maintenance and management of the Crown’s land and holdings and financial efforts. They oversee construction and destruction of structures, settlements, castles, forts, etc., and maintain themselves as Overseer of the stewardship of the Crown’s direct holdings. They have the power to establish building plans for all settlements within the Kingdom, and approve or deny plans put forth by the Lords of the realm. The Estre Verwalter is charged with the maintenance and management of the Crown’s economic endeavors and the treasury itself. He has the authority collect the taxes due to the Crown, and administrate trade routes and relationships with settlements both internal and external. In the event that taxes go unpaid, at the discretion of the Estre Verwalter, he may repossess material of equivalent value from the offender.

  • Höchste Gerechtigkeit - High Justice

Darius de Denesle

The Höchste Gerechtigkeit, High Justice in common, is charged with the administration of the Courts of Vandoria. He has he power to try and convict criminals of the state, as well as rule on internal disputes between Lords or commoners, if the situation calls for it. He shall maintain the Laws of Vandoria, update and alter them to best suit the fair and legal practices of the Kingdom. This means he has the right to create a state police force, and operate under his own prejudice.

  • Gross Zauberer - Grand Wizard

Orsino Acal'elor

The Gross Zauberer, Grand Wizard in common, advises the König on all manner of magical topics. From beats of an unnatural origin to strange magics causing unusual things to occur. It is his duty to find a solution and ensure that magic users do not run lawlessly in Vandoria. He may investigate any citizens or passerby at will and legislate magic by his expect scholarly experience.

  • Schreiber - Privy Seal

Britannus Vanir

The Privy Seal of Aesterwald, also called the Schrieber in the Waldenian dialect of Hansetian, is the Keeper of Law and the Chief Seal of all documents created by the Konig or Aulic Council. Besides this, the Privy Seal’s power is dwarfed in comparison to other members of the Aulic Council.