List of High Pontiffs of the Church of the Canon

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The High Pontiff of the Church of the Canon is the undisputed head of the church, Vicar of God, and inheritor of the spiritual authority of the Exalted. The High Pontiff is elected by the Holy Synod upon the death of the previous Pontiff.

History of High Pontificate

The first iteration of what would eventually become the High Pontiff was the High Priest of the Temple of the True Faith. The founders of this predecessor of the church were High Priests Evaristus I and Clement I, who received the Scroll of Virtue and the Scroll of Spirit from Exalted Owyn. When Emperor Godfrey Horen received the Scroll of Gospel he centralized the Temple under the authority of the Holy Emperors. The Temple was later independent under Exalted Sigismund, the fourth and final prophet, when he was given the fourth and final Scroll: the Scroll of Auspice. Under Sigismund the Temple of the True Faith was rebranded as the Church of the Canon, in order to honor the culmination of God's prophecy for humanity.

Portrait Pontificate Personal Name Place of Birth Coat of Arms Notes
St. High Priests Evaristus I and Clement I Evaristus and Clement.jpg  ??? - ??? Unknown  ??? High Priest Arms.png The first heads of the Holy Faith appointed by the successor of Horen, Owyn I.
High Priest Sixtus I
Papa Xystus Primus
HP Sixtus I.jpg  ??? - ??? Unknown  ??? High Priest Arms.png The successor of the Holy twins of the Diarchy.
High Priest Alexander I
Papa Alexander Primus
HP Alexander I.jpg  ??? - ??? Unknown  ??? High Priest Arms.png --
High Priest Pontian I
Papa Pontianus Primus
HP Pontian I.jpg  ??? - ??? Unknown  ??? High Priest Arms.png --
High Priest Stephen I
Papa Stephanus Primus
HP Stephen I.jpg  ??? - ??? Unknown  ??? High Priest Arms.png --
High Priest Paul I
Papa Paulus Primus
HP Paul I.jpg  ??? - ??? Unknown  ??? High Priest Arms.png --
High Priest Paul II
Papa Paulus Secundus
HP Paul II.jpg  ??? - ??? Unknown  ??? High Priest Arms.png --
High Priest Sixtus II
Papa Xystus Secundus
HP Sixtus II.jpg  ??? - ??? Unknown  ??? High Priest Arms.png --
High Priest Liberius I
Papa Liberius Primus
HP Liberius I.jpg  ??? - ??? Unknown  ??? High Priest Arms.png Saved what little church records remained during the Sack of Pontia.
High Priest Marcus I
Papa Marcus Primus
HP Marcus I.jpg  ??? - ??? Unknown  ??? High Priest Arms.png The first and last leader of the Faith under the line of Horen.
St. High Priest Everard I
Papa Everardus Primus
HP Everard I.jpg  ??? - ??? Everard Hightower  ??? High Priest Arms.png Patron Saint of Holy Tradition, and Those Persecuted for their Faith.
High Priest Oliver I
Papa Olivarius Primus
HP Bernard I.jpg 1314 - 1315 Oliver Sturdyfoot Dunwood High Priest Arms.png Of halfling origin and relatively mild-mannered.
High Priest Bernard I
Papa Bernardus Primus
HP Oliver I.jpg 1315 - ??? Bernard Sturdyfoot Dunwood High Priest Arms.png Halfling origin, son of Oliver I.

First Interregnum

The First Interregnum was caused by the splitting of Oren into Hanseti, Renatus and Salvus.

Portrait Pontificate Personal Name Place of Birth Coat of Arms Notes
James I

Papa Jacobus Primus
PAB James I.jpg  ??? - ??? James Hightower  ??? Temporary Arms.png Son of Everard I. Appointed by Lord Regent Reynard Lycian.
High Pontiff Pius I
Papa Pius Primus
HP Pius I.PNG 1396 - 1408 Gideon Silverblade  ??? Temporary Arms.png A High Elf born to House Silverblade. Instated by the newly-crowned Godfrey of Horen.
Bl. High Pontiff Adeodatus I
Papa Adeodatus Primus
HP Adeodatus I.jpg 1408 - 1415 Boiendl Silverblade  ??? Temporary Arms.png --
St. High Pontiff Lucien I
Papa Lucianus Primus
Saint Lucien.png 1415 - 1421 Velwyn Ashford Ulmsbottom, Aeldin Lucien I.png Patron Saint of Crusaders, Change, and the Family.
High Pontiff Owyn I
Papa Ovens Primus
OWYN I.jpeg 1421 - 1437 Goddard Carrion Salvus, Oren Temporary Arms.png --

Second Interregnum 1444

The Second Interregnum was caused by the abolition of the Pontifical throne by Owyn I; a deeply heretical move which was immediately resisted by clergy.

Portrait Pontificate Personal Name Place of Birth Coat of Arms Notes
High Ecclesiarch
Radomir I

Papa Radoslaus Primus
HE Radomir I.jpg 1444 - 1448 Franz Joseph Carrion  ??? Temporary Arms.png Only Leader of the faith known as High Ecclesiarch. Ruled as King and Pontiff.
High Pontiff Lucien II
Papa Lucianus Secundus
HP Lucien II.jpg 1448 - 1451 Signus Cross  ??? Temporary Arms.png First High Pontiff elected by the Ecclesiastical Synod.
High Pontiff Regulus I
Papa Regulus Primus
HP Regulus I.jpg 1451 - 1457 Castus Winter  ??? Temporary Arms.png --
Bl. High Pontiff Pius II
Papa Pius Secundus
HP Pius II.jpg 1457 - 1457 Michael John Marie de Longueville  ??? Pius II.png Shortest-lived head of Faith
High Pontiff Paul III
Papa Paulus Tertius
HP Paul III.jpg 1457 - 1460 John Jrent of Darfey  ??? Daniel III.png Deposed by the Chivay government.

Third Interregnum 1460-1471

The Third Interregnum was caused by the abolition of the Church at the hands of Robert Chivay and the institution of the Reformed Communion, a caesaropapist tradition presided over by High Patriarch Thomas I, which greatly curbed the rights of the clergy. Church activity waned until the Vibian Coup, and the Canonist Church was restored by the will of Thomas I.

Portrait Pontificate Personal Name Place of Birth Coat of Arms Notes
High Pontiff Thomas I
Papa Thomas Primus
HP Thomas I.jpg 1460 - 1471 Cordal Winter de Herendul Kaedrin, Oren Temporary Arms.png Restorer of the Church.
High Pontiff Daniel I
Papa Daniel Primus
HP Daniel I.jpg 1471 - 1512 Siguine Barrow Abresi, Oren Temporary Arms.png Coined the term "Canonism" and rebranded the Temple of the True Faith as the Church of the Canon.
Bl. High Pontiff Sixtus III
Papa Xystus Tertius
HP Sixtus III.jpg 1512 - 1518 Theodosius Yurison of Fursten Adria, Oren Sixtus III.png Assassinated by an unknown man, and martyred.
Bl. High Pontiff Daniel II
Papa Daniel Secundus
danielII.jpg 1518 - 1525 Cordal Winter de Herendul Kaedrin, Oren Temporary Arms.png Only man to have ever been crowned as the leader of the faith twice.
St. High Pontiff Everard II
Papa Everardus Secundus
everardII.jpg 1525 - 1537 Edmund Sarkozic de Montfort of Eastcliffe Montfort, Adria Everard II.png Second Pontiff to be unanimously chosen by a papal conclave.
Bl. High Pontiff Lucien III
Papa Lucianus Tertius
lucienIII 2.png 1537 - 1546 Fernando Mauricio Pablo Erik Jimena Asturias Bolivar de Cordobe Cordobe, Couentre Daniel V.png Converted Lord Protector Nafis Yar to Canonism.
High Pontiff Tobias I
Papa Tobias Primus
tobiasI.jpg 1546 - 1552 Oliver II Blackwell-Greymane of Brelus Brelus, Oren Tobias I.png One of the last of the line of Blackwell.
High Pontiff Daniel III
Papa Daniel Tertius
danielthemad.jpg 1552 - 1562 Charles Francis Horen of Felsen Felsen, Oren Daniel III.png Imperial Prince and Duke of Furnestock. Known as 'the Mad'.
High Pontiff Theodosius I
Papa Theodosius Primus
theodosiusI.jpg 1562 - 1567 Georgiy Nikovic Godansk, Krajia Temporary Arms.png Revoked the revelations of Daniel III.
St. High Pontiff Sixtus IV
Papa Xystus Quartus
SixtusIV.png 1567 - 1577 Beneger Gotthold Felsen, Oren Sixtus III.png Patron Saint of Theologians.
High Pontiff Lucien IV
Papa Lucianus Quartus
220px-Titian - Pope Paul III - WGA22962.jpg 1577 - 1578 Giovanni di Luca Felsen, Oren HP Lucien IV.png Second shortest reigning Pontiff in history
High Pontiff Everard III
Papa Everardus Tertius
HP Everard III.jpg 1577 - 1578 Bernard Baruch of Voron Carnatia, Oren Everard III.png --
High Pontiff Theodosius II
Papa Theodosius Secundus
TheodosiusII.jpg 1585 - 1588 Yaroslav Vasilev of Vsenk Godansk, Krajia Temporary Arms.png Excommunicated Emperor Philip I. Later deposed.
High Pontiff Adrian I
Papa Hadrian Primus
HP Adrian.PNG 1588 - 1598 Lothar Sarkozic Himmel of Aeldin Blackwood, Aeldin Everard III.png Attempted to reunify the heretical sects under the faith once again.
Bl. High Pontiff Daniel IV
Papa Daniel Quartus
HP Daniel IV.jpg 1598 - 1604 William Nicholas Frable of Metz Metz, Lorraine Daniel IV.png Abdicated in frustration after failing to reunify the church.
Bl. High Pontiff Owyn II
Papa Ovenius Secundus
HP Owyn II.jpg 1604 - 1608 Rory Othaman of Karlsburg St. Karlsburg, Haense Owyn II.png Murdered by the Stauntons of Courland.
Bl. High Pontiff Lucien V
Papa Lucianus Quintus
HP Lucien V.jpg 1606 - 1610 Alexander Grey of Mardon Mardon, Oren Lucien V.png Reunified Owynism with the Mother Church.
Bl. High Pontiff Clement II
Papa Clemens Secundus
HP Clement II.jpg 1610 - 1622 Sebastian Sarkozic  ??? Clement II.png --
Bl. High Pontiff Everard IV
Papa Everardus Quartus
josefalban.png 1622 - 1643 Josef Baldemar of Alban St. Karlsburg, Haense Everard IV.png --
High Pontiff Clement III
Papa Clemens Tertius
HP Adrian I.jpg 1643 - 1649 Jack Amador of Mardon Mardon, Oren Clement III.png --
Bl. High Pontiff Jude I
Papa Judaeus Primus
JudeI.jpg 1649 - 1672 Elphias Stem Metz, Lorraine Canonist1.jpg --
Bl. High Pontiff Siegmund I
Papa Sigismundus Primus
HP Siegmund I.jpeg 1672 - 1693/1720 Yurii Radovic of Haense  ??? Siegmund245.png --
Bl. High Pontiff Daniel V
Papa Daniel Quintus
HP Daniel V.jpg 1693 - 1702 Elwood of Carolustadt Carolustadt, Renatus Daniel V.png --
Bl. High Pontiff Pontian II
Papa Pontian Secundus
HP Pontian II.jpg 1702 - 1714 Theodoric Andries Bracchus de Ruyter of Markev Markev, Haense Pontificate.png --
High Pontiff Everard V
Papa Everardus Quintus
HP Everard V.jpg 1714 - 1720 Thomas Wick of Haense Markev, Haense Everard V.png Resigned along with Anti-Pontiff Siegmund I in order to elect another High Pontiff.
Bl. High Pontiff Daniel VI
Papa Daniel Sextus
HP Daniel VI.PNG 1720 - 1737 Guy Haas Ves, Adria daniel vi coatofarms.png A revolutionary reformer of the church who was elected at the Council of Ves by Everard V and Siegmund I.
V. High Pontiff John I
Papa Johannes Primus
HP John I.jpg 1737 - 1745 Ernst of Curonia Avalain, Curonia John I.png --
V. High Pontiff Pontian III
Papa Pontianus Tertius
PontianIII.png 1745 - 1752 Ide Haraccus of Ves Haphesian Mountains, Aeldin PontianIII-COA.png --
St. High Pontiff James II
Papa Jacobus Secundus
jamesiiportrait.jpg 1753 – 1802 Godric Virosi of Reza Reza, Haense james ii.png Known for role in the expedition of Athera to recover lost verses of the Scroll of Auspice. Longest reigning High Pontiff.
High Pontiff Owyn III
Papa Ovinus Tertius
owyn3portrait.jpg 1802 - 1807 Laurence Pruvia-Albarosa of Ves Commonwealth of Kaedrin, Ves owyn3.png Deposed at the bloody Diet of Karosgrad after condemnations by the Holy Orenian Empire and the Kingdom of Haense
V. High Pontiff Jude II
Papa Judaeus Secundus
Pontiff Jude II 2.jpg 1807 - 1820 Manfried Tobar Helena, Oren JudeII.png Murdered in the confessional at the height of the ongoing war between the Iron Accord and the Holy Orenian Empire.
High Pontiff Tylos I
Papa Tylus Primus
TylusPrimus.png 1820 - 1835 Alfred Barclay of Reinmar New Reza, Haense tylos I.png Initiated the Azdrazi Inquisition near the end of his tenure, which was supported by the Canonist Princes.
High Pontiff Everard VI
Papa Everardus Sextus
everardvi.png 1835 - 1856 Yaromir Nikuldov of Haense New Reza, Haense HighPontiffEverardVICOA.png Third Pontiff to be unanimously chosen by a papal conclave.
Known for excommunicating Emperor Philip III and Anastasia twice.
High Pontiff Tylos II
Papa Tylus Secundus
fiodor jazloviecki.png 1856 - Incumbent Fiodor Jazloviecki Karosgrad, Haense tylos II.png --