High Pontiff Tobias I

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High Pontiff
Tobias I
Reign: 1546-1552
Enthronement: 13th of the Grand Harvest, 1546
Predecessor: Lucien III
Successor: Daniel III
Born: 2nd of the First Seed, 1521
Brelus, Oren
Died: 13th of the Deep Cold, 1552 (aged 31)
Holofernes, Balain, Oren
House: Blackwell
Father: James Blackwell
Mother: Martha Geminine

Tobias I (Common: Tobias I; High Imperial: Tobias I), born as Oliver Blackwell, was High Pontiff between 1546 and 1552. Tobias I was most known for his early failure of making the lands of Lorraine holy with no honest grounds, many historians believe the move was entirely political, and possibly to win the majority vote of the Synod, the action however, was returned with an opposite impression, and lessened his hold over the governing body of the Church. Tobias I also began in ill grounds with Emperor John II by holding off his coronation due to political distain exhibited between Lorraine and Crownland vassals.

The Synod was not united under Tobias I, thus after his early blunders he sought to squeeze the Church council into submission. This began with the persecution of his own Vice-Chancellor, Bl. Johannes de Ruyter. The High Pontiff excommunicated de Ruyter, imprisoning and eventually making a martyr of him. His successor Daniel III later revoked the writ, and Pontiff Sixtus IV would eventually beautify him for his suffering.

Tobias I had a mind for economic development, much like his chosen namesake, and despite his political incompetence, made a substantial income through the taxation of Imperial Cities. He was also noted for the sale of Indulgences, and other Church Commodities. Though questionable in the gathering of his fund, he did form the beginnings of a Church Treasury. His last years, like the rest of his reign, was constantly contested by both his own Synod, and the nobility he frequently appealed to. Vandoria in particular issued a denunciation of a Canonist state, and an attempt on his life by agents of it's throne.

The Pontiff Tobias I eventually suffered a heart attack, perishing due to his many long years of life.