Edmund Sheffield

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King Edmund Sheffield was a King of Oren. He eventually turned to the Undead and ate his wife Ivrae Sheffield.


Edmund Sheffield was the Seneschal for King Pampo Perea. Upon King Perea's death fighting Undead Sheffield took the throne. This was a controversial move, as tradition dictated that the eldest son of King Perea, Rhonin, should have taken the crown. The rule of Sheffield was initially greeted happily. Over time his rule became racked by divisions and he faced several rebellions. He was eventually corrupted by Undead into committing ungodly acts and turned Undead. He resided in the Nether. His status following the fall of Aegis remains unknown.


Sheffield married his servant Ivrae after they had two daughters, Rose and Alice. They later had a son, Enor, who succeeded his father to the throne. His brother Edwin Sheffield took the throne in Solace after Enor abdicated.