Ivrae Sheffield

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A former Queen of Oren in Aegis, she was married to King Edmund Sheffield during his reign. They had three children, Rose, Alice and Enor. Ivrae was killed by Edmund after his turn to the Undead.


Ivrae set out alone and poor when young, leaving her possessions to her family to attempt a new life. It didn't take long for her to find her way south, to the Kingdom of a familiar race, that of her own kind, and the nation of Oren. Hailing from the frigid northern lands, far from the known areas of these civilizations she was amazed to fit in so quickly, making friends with some of the locals and even that of Elves, Dwarves, and an Orc or two. After a short while hunting the beasts and monsters that were able to survive in the unfrozen lands, she rented a small apartment with a guard of the nation's capital, which was far too small for her interests and needs. One day, she met an odd looking Orc along the King's Road, his skin was black unlike any other Orc she'd seen, she quickly made friends with him and after a few months, they fell in love. As time went by the lovers planned to get married, they earned a shop from King Edmund and shared a house near the church in Al'Khazar. Ivrae became the King's royal adviser, proving her leadership skills and demonstrating her prowess in running a city, the Orc became the Captain of the Capital's guard and eventually through his love, the Military Advisor. But before the two could be wed, the Orc was slain by an Undead. Stricken with grief Ivrae locked herself in her office inside of Oren's new keep for days, only confiding in the King himself, eventually letting the memories of her love slip away until she had forgotten even his name.

Feeling like she had a second chance after surviving an attempt on her life in Alstion, one of Oren's northern cities, she gave her position to the once High Priest, Everard Hightower and decided to tend to the King and his Keep in particular, keeping the maids and servants in work and prepared to serve those who arrived. Once everything was settled, she found herself speaking to the King in a calm and caring manner more and more everyday, she slowly let herself begin to love again ignoring the crown on Edmund's head and loving him for the charming man he was. While still the Lady Great Chamberlain of Oren, Ivrae gave birth to two children of Edmund. Aliciana, the eldest of the two, and Rose the younger daughter. While still an infant, Alice was kidnapped from the Keep under the cover of darkness, everyone deep asleep at the time and guards not yet posted, she was later found, having no knowledge of her parents she was hired as a maid, slowly the truth unveiling to her parents of who she really is. Rose was born outside of Oren, and she was to stay in her birthplace aside from the odd visit to Al'Khazar, to maintain a proper schooling for such a young girl, in lands where evil was nearly forgotten. Given the return of their daughter and unending love for one another, Edmund eventually proposed to Ivrae, asking for them to be wed, and crowning her as the Queen of Oren. Together they had Enor, who eventually replaced his father as King of Oren.