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Dreek Ireheart II
"A Kingdom is loike a wench. Keep it happy and it'll loike yeh. Piss it off an' it'll take yer 'ead!"

High King of Kaz'Ulrah
Reign: 1671-1672
Predecessor: Garrond Frostbeard
Successor: Koralon Onyxheart
Born: 1562
Death: 8th Malin's Welcome, 1672
Father: Drynn Ireheart
Mother: Magela Stormhammer
Issue: N/A

Dreek Ireheart II also known as High King Dreek Ireheart II was the sixth High King of Kaz'Ulrah of the Dwarves from 1671 until his murder in 1672.



Dreek Ireheart II was born to Drynn Ireheart and spent much of his childhood hunting animals in the nearby forest. When he was not out hunting, he would be beating up and baiting young Irongut scholars with his Frostbeard friends, a past time who's invention many attribute to Gorum Frostbeard.

Young Adult

As a young adult Dreek II spent much time practicing his diplomatic skills. Despite being an Ireheart he was more inclined to talk before drawing his hammer, a trait which would help him greatly in his later life. Even so, he was often seen on the front lines of various battles, bashing his war-hammer against his shield, letting all know that the Irehearts were on the field of battle. When his fellow Ireheart, Bastion committed suicide in Kal'Omith by jumping off the balcony, Dreek II came to visit the city and found it empty. The following day, a large meeting took place in the Senate room, which would end in bloodshed as the Slaughter of the Senate occurred.

The following day, Dreek II followed his father Drynn Ireheart to the city of Tal'Azmar where the majority of Urguan loyalist Dwarves were. He often spent time with his father in the mines, doing whatever he could to take his mind off the tense situation that was sweeping the Dwarven lands. One day, his fathers pickaxe nearly broke and so they went to visit Zahrer Irongrinder and ask him to repair it. They were disappointed however, to find that their request was arrogantly denied. Disheartened, the two began to walk home. At the doorsteps of their house, Drynn told his son that he wanted to take a walk down to the desert, to see if there were any wandering blacksmiths who could maybe repair his prized pickaxe. As he was exiting Tal'Azmar however, he was ambushed by a Frostbeard raid and quickly cut down. His father, knowing fully well that no one would ever fix his pickaxe decided he had no purpose in this world and died swiftly. Upon hearing the news Dreek II was devastated that his old childhood friends would commit such an act, even if they were at war. He angrily, but quietly pulled out of Tal'Azmar and disappeared for some time.



During his coronation about one year after his election as king, Dreek was stabbed by Charles the bald after the assassin had fallen from the roof and caught the High King in suprise. The dwarves who were celebrating in the feasting hall with him quickly tried to rescue the dying king as Charles repeatedly stabbed him in the torso. Meanwhile a group of mercenaries working with Charles fell from the roof as well, whilst another party of mercenaries came from the entrance of the hall. Pinned by both sides and outnumbered and unequipped many of the dwarfs who came to the coronation were quickly dealt with. As the piles of dwarfs laid there on the ground King Dreek saw the corpses of his fallen kin before finally succumbing to bleeding from his wounds and shortly after, death. In the aftermath of the slaughter the mercenaries left the kingdom satisfied while Charles grabbed the "fake" crown from Dreeks head. Many of the dwarfs who heard the news of Charles's murder quickly expelled him from all dwarven lands, while many dwarfs would mourn the loss of Dreek. His funeral was held with many coming to give respect to the fallen king as he was later buried in the catacombs above Kal'Tarak the resting place of the kings of Kaz'Ulrah.