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Koralon Onyxheart
"Fire conquers all."

Personal Information
Race: Dark Dwarf
Born: 1494, Athera
Died: Alive
Patron: Ogradhad
Spouse: Frerir Irongrinder (Disputed)
Parents: Dormin Doomforged - Unknown Elfess
Issue: Thoravon Onyxheart
High Queen of Kaz'Ulrah
Reign: 1672 - 1682
Predecessor: Dreek Ireheart II
Successor: Edel Silvervein
Political Activity
Current Titles: Runelord of Morazond (self-proclaimed)
Former Titles: Forgemaster of Urguan, the Khazadmar, Kaz'Ulrah; Archmage of the Dwedmar, Grand Queen Consort of Urguan, High Queen of Kaz'Ulrah, Prelate of Ogradhad, Clan Mother of the Onyxhearts
Symbol: A black wolf's head

Koralon Onyxheart was the 7th ruler of Kaz'Ulrah, the first elected Dwarven Queen, the disputed last Grand Queen of Urguan and a long-time Dwarven political figure promoting the presence of the Dark Dwarves. She is also known for a past in the Dwarven Clergy, for having carried the title of Forgemaster for over forty years in total, and for being one of the few non-Irongut Archmages of the Dwedmar. She founded the Onyxheart clan, and was one of the three master smiths of the original Iron Honour guild.


Koralon was born to Dormin Doomforged and an unknown High Elf in Athera. This, technically, makes her more a high elf than anything else, especially a dwarf. She identifies most with her Dwarven Heritage and aims to pursue the path of her ancestors. Through Dormin, Koralon's lineage traces numerous famous Dwarves. Her father, Dormin Doomforged, remains one of the most famous (or infamous) Doomforged to ever live, a powerful Golemancer, a renowned smith and a fierce warrior. Her grandfather, Hodir Doomforged, recovered the Grand Kingdom of Urguan from a time of strife and led them in battle until his eventual death. Her great-grandfather, Urir Ireheart, remains a Paragon of the Brathmordakin and the descedant credited for closing the Black Nexus and destroying the undead.

Koralon, through her Doomforged heritage, remains a cousin to the Ireheart clan. She is a distant cousin of Odin Ireheart and Kalviin, as well as niece-thrice-removed to Bastion Ireheart and great-niece-twice-removed to Dreek Ireheart. Her niece thrice-removed married to the Silvervein clan father and founder, Edel Silvervein. She married Frerir Irongrinder and thus accepted the Arch-Runelord Zahrer Irongrinder as her father-in-law.


As a Doomforged, she was raised in the Dwarven capital of Kal'Agnar in Athera. She did not do anything noteworthy in either Athera or Vailor. Koralon joined the mining & smithing guild upon her arrival in Axios, as well as the Grand Legion of Urguan where she served as a grunt. She worked in the Iron Honour smithing guild under her cousin, Arias Doomforged and completed the Ireheart clan trials from self-initiative around 1582.

The Dormant Years

Between the Dwarven arrival to Axios and the Coalition Wars, Koralon emerged to lead the Iron Honour smithing guild together and in cooperation with Kalviin and Mafraedon Starbreaker. The Smithing Guild sustained activity within the Dwarven city of Kal'Nikaer and became world-famous for its mastery, the three smiths producing weapons and armour for Ascended, Warhawkes and even Oren nobility. Eventually, she was appointed to the Low Council as Forgemaster of the Dwedmar by Grand King Torvin Grandaxe.

During these years, Koralon accompanied the Ascended and her Dwarven kin to the ancient Dwarven city of Kal'Urguan to witness the night the Ironborn took over, studied and traveled around Axios together with the runic behemoth Ahran, visited what is thought to be the Library of Ogradhad through a portal beneath the Dwarven deep roads and obtained the relic known as the Helm of Dungrimm from the avatar of the Brathmordakin.

Lhindir & The Kal'Varak

She met the elven mage Lhindir when he arrived to Kal'Nikaer with hopes of removing a runic spike in his chest inserted to prevent him from making any more Golems. The mage and the Dwarves sealed a bargain where the elf would teach three of them magic, in exchange to which the Dwed would relieve him of his spike and remove it. Koralon was chosen as one of the mage students, and ended up visting the Kal'Varak with both the Convocation group of mages led by Ithrendas and the Dwarves. With the aid of Zahrer and Torvin from within the Mind City, Koralon remained outside to physically remove the spike. Following her magical studies, Koralon and Mafraedon were both promoted to be captains of the Legion, where Koralon took up the role of a battlemage and trainer.

The Frostbeard Clan War

During the years leading up to the Coalition War, relations between the clans Frostbeard and Doomforged gradually declined as old memories of Dark Dwarf persecution emerged. Both clans saw a steady increase in their numbers to the point where either had more active Dwarves in Kal'Nikaer than the rest of the other clans combined. A Doomforged grudge declared in 1577 escalated into a full-scale Clan War, resulting in a Dark Dwarf raid on the Frostbeard clan hall and a subsequent stand-off in the main square of Kal'Nikaer. It ended with Koralon and Durin Frostbeard locked in a duel of arcane prowess, their evoked flames meeting mid-air before a ceasefire was agreed upon and a peace was made between the two.

The Coalition War

Koralon participated in most of the Coalition wars, including many raids on the Haense city of St. Karlsburg with fellow Dark Dwarves. She met Frerir Irongrinder first in the Iron Honour smithy when he returned to Urguan, though he soon assumed the role of Grand Marshal to train and prepare the Legion for the upcoming war. The two maintained steady cooperation with Courland and married soon, amidst the flames of war. Koralon remained with the Grand Kingdom of Urguan until the fall of the Holy Orenian Empire, then resigned from her positions in the Legion and the Kingdom to retire for a long pilgrimage that would last six decades. During her brief life in the flying city of Arcadia together with her husband, Koralon gave birth to a Beardling whom she named Thoravon.

Soon after her departure, the Frostbeard rebellion and opposition to the perceived "Old Guard" of Urguan politics grew potent enough to declare war and plunge the Dwedmar into what is known as the War of the Beards. Urguan elected her husband, Frerir Irongrinder, as Grand King, who pleaded for Koralon's return. Though she returned here and now, she did not take up any political positions or roles, prompting her husband to re-marry with the Grandaxe clan.

Return to Atlas

Koralon returned from her pilgrimage 1662. Initially, she assumed a neutral position between the three prominent Dwarven factions of Kaz'Ulrah, Az'adar and Holm. Both Az'adar and the Kingdom of Kaz'Ulrah welcomed her back; the former including her husband who offered her and their son a place to live, the latter reconfirming the peace sealed between Koralon and Durin during the Clan War as still valid, despsite Durin's banishment from the clan Frostbeard. Soon after her return, her husband disappeared and Koralon met with her father to discuss the fate of the Dark Dwarves. The decision was made to form the Onyxheart clan to gather the non-blooded Dark Dwarves, and to side with the Kingdom of Kaz'Ulrah as they maintained the highest legitimacy to the throne of Urguan through support of the vast majority of the elder clans.

In Kal'Tarak, Koralon first assumed the position of Forgemaster once more to teach and guide Dwarves in the art of smithing, then ascended to the position of Prelate under the Brathmordakin Ogradhad to become part of the Dwarven clergy. She aims to work together with the High Prelate Nerak Frostbeard to solidify the governance and structure of both the Kingdom of Kaz'Ulrah and the Ar Yemarin Anaros.

Reign as Queen

Election as High Queen

After the short rule of Dreek II. Ireheart ended by his assassination, the Dwarves or Kal'Tarak called on Koralon to assume the throne of Kaz'Ulrah, having returned from a short absence. She ascended to the rule with unanimous support from clans Grandaxe, Frostbeard, Goldhand, Starbreaker, Silvervein and Onyxheart, though she was not crowned proper until two years into her rule.

Her initial rule marked a re-shuffle of the Kaz'Ulran High Council, replacing inactive or lethargic members with younger dwarves as well as defining specific council positions that have existed thus far, but hinged solely on the Monarch's word prior. She enacted a constitutional reform to simplify elections to the throne and to properly define the capacity of clan fathers against a tyrannical ruler. During these years, the city of Kal'Tarak was re-constructed to be slightly larger and more open. The Kingdom enjoyed a slight expansion as a group of elves swore allegiance to Koralon living south of Nottingham. Multiple abandoned structures were annexed to the kingdom as well, and the Orks of Krugmar were given refuge within Garrond's Vale after their home was lost to the Kingdom of Elvenesse.

The Urguanite Insurrection

In the mid-phase of her rule, the Urguanite remnants declared their Elder Alliance with the Kingdom of Elvenesse and the Kingdom of Haense, together with the intent to conquer, destroy and partition the Kingdom of Kaz'Ulrah. Koralon re-confirmed the Kingdom's allegiance with the Warnation of Krugmar, who were given temporary refuge within the kingdom's borders months prior, as well as with the Camel Bandits, Nottingham and the Uialben vassals.

A diplomatic summit between the Kingdom of Elvenesse and the Kingdom of Kaz'Ulrah led to the former leaving the alliance and the Elven King, Abelas, assuming the role of Peacemaker. As retaliation to this, the Urguanite Remnants pressured the Elven King into an honour duel and their champion, Atandt Irongrinder, decapacitated him in front of his court and Koralon as well. An purge in Elven leadership followed to remove the prince accused of pushing the alliance and war on the elves, and the two kingdoms sealed a non-aggression pact.

Following these events came a crack-down, announced by Koralon and committed to towards the following year. An ultimatum was posed to all Dwarves affiliated with the Remnants to make amends in front of the Queen lest they are declared non-Dwed and forever to be hunted by all loyal Dwedmar. Upcoming summits saw both the pardoning of a portion of Runesmiths involved in the events, but also the public execution of Zahrer Irongrinder and the stripping of clan Irongrinder of their blood, rights, legacy and history.

The pardoned Dwarves dispersed into either the Kingdom of Bogrin or Holm, whereas the Kingdom of Kaz'Ulrah declared their war on both Ord and Az'adar, the battles and sieges first delayed then prevented by Skygods.

Late reign

Koralon's late reign was characterized by an increasing retreat into solitary company and a slowing down of Kingdom affairs. She retained Kaz'Ulrah neutral in the Sutican-Raguk conflict, and led troops against the September Prince at the Harian battle. During the latter, she was poisoned and fell paralyzed for almost a whole month, regented over by Officer Grudgebeard.

She was approached by Dwarves from Bogrin with the proposal of a Dwarven Empire, though she refused a unity, instead offering all dispersed Holds to pledge loyalty under Kaz'Ulrah. She allowed pardon to the clan Anvilaxe, who returned to Kaz'Ulrah from their settlement and kingdom of Kal'Arab, and raised them to the rank of an electing clan the day of her resignation.

She was succeeded by Edel Silvervein, following a heated campaign between him and Thoak Goldhand. Her last major influence in dwarven politics was spearheading a quick coup against Edel and replacing him with Thoak after the former sparked unneeded tensions between the Empire of Man and Kaz'Ulrah.



Koralon has always been a staunch Dwarven conservative. She has been a supporter of the Dwarven senate, and an opponent to the High Council of Urguan. She promotes Dwarven supremacy and independence above all, considering her ashen Dark Dwarf kin to be full-blooded Dwedmar. She maintains a deep hatred towards Elves (excluding the Warhawkes), and is skeptical about the capabilities and chaotic nature of humans. She is generally supportive of Dwarf-Orc friendship and is often seen visiting, aiding or raiding with the Warnation.


Koralon venerates the Brathmordakin Ogradhad and Dungrimm above all else, with Dormmar as a third, considered ally to the Brathmordakin and father of the Dark Dwarves. She maintains Yemekar as not the god of smithing, but the creator above the Brathmordakin and attributes craft and runes to be gifts of Dormmar. She considers arcane magic to be a gift from Ogradhad, one available to only a select few clans amongst the Dwarves.

Activity in the Arcane

As a mage for over eight decades, Koralon is an avid scholar and researcher of the arcane. Though her main ambitions are to find a "common theory" between the various dwarven arts of magic and the greater spectrum of arcane schools, her contributions to the arcane world so far remain as a teacher. She authored a coursebook aimed to summarise the contents of various other books circulating in the world, a coursebook written to facilitate an easy and simple way to teach the basics of voidal theory. She has been teaching the arcane since her return to Atlas to all descendant races.

Contributions to Metallurgy

She developed a deep understanding of forging and smithing during her tenure as Forgemaster in Urguan, though where Koralon most excels at is alloys of various metals. Before the Coalition War, she authored the book "Alloys and Metals" aiming to create a simple system to understand alloys: deriving them each from a combination of aurum, ferrum and carbarum. Derived from this theory, she created each possible alloy with their own respective names (some well-known, some rare). Koralon has been teaching this theory and the associated alloys since 1580.

Also during her tenure in the Iron Honour, the Dwarven smiths started forging various alloys and items from thanhium, from armour studs to whole scaled pieces. With Thanhium much more rare in the land of Atlas, this left Koralon as one of few smiths still confident and capable of forging and working it. Similarly, she is one of the very few Dwarves capable of warforging armour from Karsúl, together with her nephew Drakaem and her father Dormin.

Noteworthy Students

  • Dwifar Goldhand, Goldhand Clan Father
  • Crevin Starbreaker, Starbreaker Clan Father
  • Raeghor Onyxheart, Onyxheart Clan Father
  • Hekkaes 'Anvilaxe' Goldhand, Goldhand Clan Father


  • Kor-az-lon in ancient Dwed translates to "daughter of the stars", referring to the female dwarf's High Elven heritage.