Drynn Ireheart

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Drynn Ireheart
"Militarization of Dwarven society has forced the rejection of all but Dungrimm himself, a folly if there ever was."

Grand King of Urguan, Ruler of the Dwarves
Reign: 1569-1580
Predecessor: Kardel Irongut
Successor: Torvin Blackaxe
Born: 11th of the Sun's Smile, 1380
Kal'Ithrun, Anthos
Died: 7th of The First Seed, 1614
Tal'Azmar, Grand Kingdom of Urguan, Tahn, Axios
Spouse: Freyja Grandaxe
Parents: Dreek Ireheart, Unknown
Children: Dreek II Ireheart

Drynn Ireheart (Dwarven:Drin Khronammoruk, Uraic Dwarven:Daern Khromorok) reigned as Grand King of Urguan after a unanimous nomination following the abdication of Kardel Irongut. Drynn's Kingship fell when the dwarves were forced to flee to Axios alongside the other descendants. In Axios Grand King Drynn founded Kal'Nikaer in the central mountains of Tahn. Drynn worked to reestablish the Grand Kingdom in the new realm and better relations with Urguan's bitter old enemy, Oren. Drynn's reign was marked by the first Dwarven peace with the Empire of Oren in over a century and a decline in militarism.


Drynn was born to Dreek Ireheart in Kal'Ithrun where he grew up in almost constant warfare against Oren. In the legendary trenches outside of Kal'Ithrun Drynn's future was shaped, and his ability to stay alive in the face of certain death was a skill he picked up very early on. While many other dwarven generations before him were able to live in peace in the capital of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, Drynn was of no such luck. With the war front being a mere couple of miles away from the capital, all were on high alert at all times. Drynn belonged to the Ireheart clan and was proud to don it's green warpaint whenever he went into battle. He served as the Prime Minister and Regent of the former Grand King before being elected unanimously to the Obsidian Throne in a Senate of Hammers congregation.


Drynn met with the emperor of Oren, John Owyn Horen and together they founded the Treaty of the Northern Union, which allied all the nations on Tahn, being Urguan, Oren and the Elven Protectorates. Drynn continued to rule the dwarves, with various expeditions to the deeproads and granting royal boons to Dwarven investors before resigning and turning over the crown.