Harvest Confederation

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The Harvest Confederation
Coat of Arms of the Confederation
Languages: Common
Auvergnian (regional)
Religion: Canonism
Government: Loose Confederacy
Constituent Groups:

acro.png Barony of Acre
petraCOA.png Petran Commonwealth
barclayminitz.png County of Minitz
HouseOfAlstion.png Principality of Alstion
AlstreimCOA.png Barony of Corwinsburg

Historical Era:

The Acre Rebellion (1882)

The Harvest Confederation is a human nation centered on the remains of the Kingdom of Oren. It was founded upon the completion of the Acre Rebellion, also known as the Harvest Revolution, when the victors successfully forced the King's Council to capitulate.
WIP - After following decades of instability, the Confederacy would be reformed into the United Kingdom of Aaun.


The Acre Rebellion and its aftermath

The Acre Rebellion, also called the Harvest Revolution, began when the Kingdom of Oren issued an edict known as the Resolution of Acre, which commanded the eviction of Acre's leadership and placed a bounty of 3,000 minae on Hannes and Gustaf de Vilain. Less than a fortnight later, Acre launched an assault on the capital known as the Battle of Vienne, killing the king and half of his court. After a series of further tactical blunders by the Orenian army, they called upon their other vassal states to assist them - at the same time launching an attack against the other vassals bordering the River Petra. As a result, the Viscounty of Rivia, Viscounty of Minitz, and County of Temesch (representing what would become within the year the Commonwealth of the Petra) raised their flags for Acre, forming the Accord of the Third Harvest.

The combined Harvest Lords, as they were then called, intercepted a meeting between the final remaining loyalist Orenian vassals and the kingdom's regent and Chancellor. Forcing a peace deal from the regent, the Harvest Lords took full control over the fate of the kingdom and its vassals, thereafter calling themselves the Harvest Confederation. Soon after the victory, Rivia's leadership in the House of Galbraith declared their exit from the Confederation.


Member States of the Confederation

  • acro.png Barony of Acre - A farmlands-focused barony, encompassing the territories surrounding Acre and the ruins of what once stood as the capital of Oren, Vienne, in the Upper Petra region.
  • petraCOA.png The Commonwealth of the Petra - A knightly republic, encompassing the territories of the Petra River Valley between Lake Providence and the Grenz and makings its capital in Valfleur.
  • barclayminitz.png County of Minitz - A militant county, encompassing the territories of what was once Rivia and Cathalon between the Vale and Lower Petra.
  • HouseOfAlstion.png Principality of Alstion - A re-emerging principality, encompassing the rest of the territories in the Upper Petra region not occupied by Acre.
  • AlstreimCOA.png Barony of Corwinsburg - A mountain-set barony, encompassing the the territories of Lower Arentania.


Heartlanders make up nearly the entirety of the native population of the Harvest Confederation, though a large minority of Highlanders make up the ruling class of Minitz.


The Harvest Confederation adheres to Canonism as a whole, with the Barony of Acre following the Owynist subsect. The Viscounty of Minitz and Commonwealth of the Petra follow the Church of the Canon.



The Harvest Confederation encompasses the vast majority of the territories that once stood within the Kingdom of Oren and before it the Holy Orenian Empire - it spans from the border of the Grenz in the north, to the Arentanian mountains in the west, to Eastfleet in the south, to the sea against the west.