The Forest Interception

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The Forest Interception
Part of the Tenth Nordling War


Date: 16th of Snow's Maiden, 23 S.A.
Place: Kingdom of Norland
Result: Norlandic Victory
Holy Orenian Empire:
OrenianFlag.png Holy Orenian Empire
Kingdom of Norland:
norland.png Kingdom of Norland
OrenianFlag.png Iskander Basrid, 2nd Count of Susa
Markus Cruger of the Metinan Company
OrenianFlag.png Varon Draskovic, Baron of Draskovic
OrenianFlag.png Simon Pruvia, Viscount of Pruvia-Provins
norland.png Eugeo de Astrea, Duke of Elysium
norland.png Althryn Arilathen
~1,100 Infantry ~2,400 Infantry
~400 Dead or Wounded ~900 Dead or Wounded

The Forest Inteception was an Orenian attack aimed to siphon off travel and supplies going in and out of the roads towards the Kingdom of Norland. Before the battle, a mixed force of Imperial officers and Metinan mercenaries stationed themselves within the maple forests near the Norlandic road. Two Norlandic guards attempted to combat the attackers but were defeated, while an orc and an armored woman were let past the roadblock. In response to the attack, a force of two thousand four hundred Norlandic soldiers was rallied and marched out of Elysium towards the Imperial forces. The battle ensued for some hours while the roads toward Norland were closed, resulting in the loss of nine hundred Norlandic soldiers, while the Imperial side lost four hundred. Despite greater losses among the Norlandic forces, the Orenian forces were routed from Norlandic soil and retreated back to Providence, breaking the roadblock.