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Stormfist Clan Sigil



The Stormfists were a vassal clan of the Frostbeard. A clan of big, white/grey or sky colored haired dwarves. created by the two youngest offspring of Baldin Frostbeard-Grandaxe and the Snow elf Erniel. These two offspring were Exmord Stormfist and his younger twin brother Belrig Stormfist, and the founders of the Clan. For a long time especially during the war of the beards the Stormfists were loyal to the Frostbeard Clan as at the time they both shared the same gods; the Brathmordakin and Wyrvun. Clan Fathers of the Stormfist were expected to swear fealty to the Clan Father of the Frostbeard Clan. After the death of King Kerwyr Frostbeard, the Stormfist were unwanted by both Urguan and the Clan they served; the Frostbeards. Because of this, they were forced into exile, living in the cold mountaintops trying to survive in any way they could. During this exile, the Clan Father Exnord Stormfist died fighting a Wyvern., and Begrig was lost in a blizzard. The surviving Clan members elected Exnord’s sons; Boreas Stormfist and his twin brother Notos Stormfist to become the next Clan Fathers. By this time a new Frostbeard rebellion had emerged and the Kingdom of Kath’Ulrah emerged. The dwed of Clan Stormfist did not hold a grudge against the Frostbeards, they saw holding such grudge only as a weakness that would hurt them in the future. Because of this, the second generation of Clan Fathers led their people back to Kaz'Ulrah where they expected a new beginning for his people, this time serving a unified nation of dwedmar.


In Kaz'Ulrah Boreas Stormfist was granted a clan hall by Verthaik II Frostbeard. Their numbers grew but not fast enough, with time Edel Silvervein came with some silvervein dwedmar. His proposal harsh and unwavering; Give us the clan hall or we will put all your clan to the sword. Boreas Stormfist saw this and offered a counteroffer to the unwavering Edel. Boreas told him, let us merge clans, take our culture as your own, let my people join you, and merge our sigils, in exchange you will have the clan hall and more men. Edel thought about it and agreed. Boreas Stormfist won the battle, he saved his people and their culture. With time the Stormfists became a decent number in the Silverveins ranks, and the Stormfist way of life was adopted by many Silverveins. With time Edel stepped down as clan father and Boreas Stormfist was elected. Sadly this was not long lived as many Frostbeards despised the Stormfists, and one day the body of Boreas Stormfist was found on the clan hall of the Frostbeards. After that day the Stormfists where hunted down like animals alongside the Silverveins until all the Stormfists living in the dwarven city were killed. This led to the second exile of the Stormfists. This time the clan kept the grudge against the Frostbeard Clan, not being able to nor willing to forgive.


During their time in Atlas the Stormfists thanks to the actions of Egoi Stormfists broke away from the SIlvervein Clan. This was done after Egoi and the Silvervein clan father of the time agreed to cancel the Blue-Silver Concordat. After Egoi's brother's death he stepped down as clan father out of depression, this led the way for the first Clan Mother; Lyra Stormfist. Lyra also became the first Clan leader that led alone without a co-clan Father/mother as its tradition. She appeared strong-willed and many had many high hopes for her. Eventually, she was to be married to the Clan Father of the SilverveinsDwager Silvervein, but she set him up at the last minute. Soon, she left the clan. Oya II Stormfist was elected to lead, however, she too left without much warning. Without much of a choice, Egoi came out of his early retirement and became Clan Father once more. In the process, he restored the tradition of having two clan fathers as he named his nephew Goltheyn Stormfist as the second Clan Father.




Stormfists tend to have pale blueish or some shade of white/grey hair. They are around the size of a frostbeard if not a bit taller. Some may have knife shaped ears but this trait is not always seen in stormfists. Stormfist males grow their beards since youth and do not shave. Women stormfists are supposed to be the most beautiful of all dwedmar.

Boreas "Stareyed" Stormfist



The Stormfist Clan is known for speaking three languages; Common, dwarvish, and Mountain Tongue. Mountain Tongue is a language only used by the Stormfists and only taught to its Elders. Most official documents coming from a Stormfist Clan Father are written in mountain tongue to make sure it is not a fake document.


The beard - The beard is a holy gift from wyrvun to indicate that the dwedmar are the ones that have been chosen to keep order and balance in the world. Only women are except bearing the beard.

Death - Stormfists traditionally cremate deceased members on mountaintops. This is so the soul of the deceased can travel to Wyrvun’s embrace being granted a place amongst the stars and the remains can be one with the mountain once more.

Afterlife - If a Stormfist has lived a good life it is said that Wyrvun would grant him or her a place amongst the stars. Thus being able to live eternally looking upon all the realms of existence and learning from them. It is believed that the stars that show in our skies are the Souls of great descendants who gained Wyrvun’s admiration so they were placed there as to show the rest of their kin how far they can go.

Children of Wyrvun - As beloved children of Wyrvun the Stormfists are always ready to march to war against those who declare war on a nation that is also composed of worshipers of Wyrvun, such as the Frostbeards and the Snow Elves.


Faith of the Brathmordakin

The prevalent religion amongst the Stormfist clan is the faith of the Brathmordakin with Yemmekar at its head. This means that most dwedmar of the clan are loyal to the Kirkja Dverga and its High Prophet. It is believed by many Stormfist that the rank of High Prelate was a rank created during the pre-years of the War of the Beards and hence a rank which the Brathmordakin disapprove of. However, it is not uncommon for a Stormfist to acknowledge the High Prelate’s position.

The True Faith of the Brathmordakin

An offshoot branch of the faith of the Orthodox Faith of the Brathmordakin. This branch was created during the war of the beards by Baldin Frostbeard, who was named High Prophet by the self-proclaimed king Kerwyr Frostbeard. In this faith Wyrvun takes the ranks of the Brathmordakin and is actually the wife of Yemmekar. The followers of this faith lay their loyalty to the clergy of Kath’Ulrah. Support for this religion dwindled when Baldin returned the city of Kal’Omith to the forces of Urguan and switched sides.

The Faith of the Aspects of Wyrvun

In this faith the various Brathmordakins are made to be different aspects of Wyrvun. Those that support this faith tend to claim that they do worship the Brathmordakin, but they fail to state that to them the Braths are just a part of the greater whole that is Wyrvun. These dwed do not hold any loyalty to any clergy and will often be seen in the ranks of the Redeemed order. The following for this religion fell drastically after Egoi banned the worship of Wyrvun in the Clan.

The Faith of Wyrvun

These Stormfists renounce the faith of the Brathmordakin completely. Instead, they believe in one god; Wyrvun. They have no loyalty to any clergy and usually join Wyrvun’s redeemed order to serve him and cleanse his lands. This faith was almost eradicated both by in clan pressures and other dwedmar clans.


Line of Belrig - Line of the Drake

One of the two founding lines, the dwed of this line tend to have a tendency to lean towards manual work and crafts. These Stormfists usually become craftsmen or farmers. This bloodline has had the ability to bear children of light blond hair without the need of another clan’s genes. However, their members tend to have the distinctive light sky or white colored hair. Their eyes like those of other Stormfist are green, light blue, or pink. The members of this bloodline can be born with a slight point on their ears or not. Albinism is not uncommon in this bloodline, members with albinism tend to have pink colored eyes.

Line of Exmord - Line of the Titan

Also one of the two founding lines, dwed from this line tend to focus more on battle-related arts and trade. The dwed in this line tend to become wondering warriors or merchants. The line of Exmord has never bred with anyone outside the Stormfist blood, keeping their traits strong. The dwed of this clan bear the sky or white colored hair most of the time, but like the line of Belrig this line can also bear blond haired dwed. Their eyes like those of other Stormfist are green, light blue, or pink. Albinism is not uncommon in this bloodline, members with albinism tend to have pink colored eyes.Thisblood line has groomed the most clan leaders.

The founder of this line was Exmord “the tall”. He led the clan as Clan Father and appointed Belrig to be his second Clan father, creating the tradition of dual Clan Fathership in the clan. He was nicknamed the tall after how tall he was compared to other dwed. Clan folklore says that Belrig was a great drake hunter and was able to feed his clan in exile by himself. Exmord was a charismatic leader and always led his clan's men and women into the hunts. However, this led to his downfall as he died fighting a Wyvern that he thought he could take by himself.

Line of Ermageon - Line of the Bear

The youngest line of the clan. At first the line of Ermageon was not considered a Stormfist line as Ermageon himself never recognized himself to be a Stormfist, trying to cling to the clan of his father. Eventually, his descendants joined with the clan. Due to their later enrollment into the clan this line is more open to marry and bear children with other clans. Because of this the traits of this clan stay similar to those of the other bloodlines but can also carry traits from other clans due to having relations with other clans. Albinism is not uncommon in this bloodline, members with albinism tend to have pink colored eyes. The dwedmar of this bloodline favor to adventure the world and expand their knowledge of the world by means of experience. Most in this line eventually became explorers or scientists.

Little is known about Ermageon it is unclear whether he is alive or dead. In fact, there is no living Stormfist that ever met him. Ermageon had the tendency to not care for his kids and actually just handed them away to people. What is known about him is mainly based on what he has written. Clan folklore said he had a falling off with his brothers after they decided to create the Stormfist clan as he believed they should join the Frostbeard clan. After the War of the Beards Ermageon left his brothers and became a lone wanderer his name only mentioned again in some texts.

Belrig the founder of this bloodline was one of the creators of the clan and one of the first Clan Fathers. As clan folklore says Belrig was lost in the mountains during the exile of the Stormfists. It was said that he was a great pyromancer who was able to use his fire to give fire to the traveling clan and to build armor and weapons. He was known as Belrig the small as his twin brother Exmord was a massive dwed. Clan folk also called him Belrig the drake due to his magic skills, and sometimes he was called the small drake. It is not known what happened to Belrig, most accounts agree he disappeared in a snowstorm. Most believe he is dead.

Line of the Snowbeards

This line was made after the Frostbeard Removal Act to ensure that the Frostbeards could have a place to call home if they decided to forsake their evil past. Snowbeards have black jet hair or brown. Their eyes are either green or deep blue. Snowbeards have a tendency to be great warriors, poets, and merchants. They have a harder time to get used to the clan’s traditions but it is expected of them to learn them with time.




The Cleansing - In this trial, a dwed needs to travel to a holy place, normally an altar of a god who is or has been worshiped in the past. This holy place will be used to sacrifice oneself to the clan. To do this the clan member must give up one of his body parts as a way to show pure devotion to the clan. This trial tends to be considered one of will and devotion.

The Hunt - In this trial a group of Stormfistshave to find and kill a Wyvern. Once they kill it they have to eat its heart. Traditionally this was said to transmit the strength and spirit of the drake into one’s soul. If the hunters have a significant other or a deity that they want to show affection to the gift of Wyvern meat is the highest form of appreciation for a Stormfist.

The Grand Reward - This is a trial only available to those that have completed the other two trials. In this trial a feast is organized in honor of the beardlings of the clan. In this feast each beardling will be given a special crown. Symbolically this follows the Stormfist belief that one is his own master and should never bow down to anyone.

The Two Pillars of the Stormfists

⌭ Family

The first pillar in Stormfist culture is family. To a Stormfist family is the most important thing in this world. Stormfists are always expected to be ready to die defending family. It is a common belief in the clan that when defending a fellow Stormfist the spirit of Wyrvun blesses them with strength to face any foe that threatens the bonds of family, be it physical or metaphysical.

⌭ Honor

The second pillar in Stormfist culture is Honor. Because of this, a Stormfist is forbidden from begging for anything, including their lives. When captured a Stormfist should not let himself/herself be executed, he should always face death standing. A Stormfist most not fear death as once they die they will be reunited with their ancestors. Lying and equivocating are both shamed upon by the Stormfists.