Princess Amelia of Alstion

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Amelia Philippa of Alstion
Amelia Philippa.jpeg
Princess of Alstion
Predecessor: Charles
Successor: John Alexander
Born: 2nd of the Sun's Smile, 1674, Aeldin
Spouse: Kaiser Helane
House: Alstion
Father: Charles Horen
Mother: Aloisia-Seia Horen

Princess Amelia Philippa of Alstion, Duchess of Alba, was a leading female figure in the Empire of Man during the 17th century. She was born an Imperial Princess from the line of John and married Prince Cassius Horen in her late adolescence. the Aeldin-born Horen was intent on polishing her wit and etiquette, such drive prompting her tenure as the Imperial Keeper of the Privy Seal.



Raised in the land of Aeldin until circa her eleventh year, Amelia was swept into the unfamiliar lands where her brother, Alexander, already resided. She sustained a privileged childhood for the most part, excluding a faint yearning to see her father, whom she hadn't encountered prior. Despite blood relations, Alexander Frederick was more inclined to pursue his political career than he was to care for a sibling; such a mindset lead to the Empress-mother, Maria Viktoria of Krajia, sweeping the young girl under her care and into her household.

Adolescence and Marriage

As the Princess matured, a potential match was deemed suitable for her by Aurelius I, Emperor of Man to his grandson, Cassius. It is said that their primary rendezvous was when the teenaged princeling was polishing his blood-stricken armour, humming a flippant tune all the while. The day of their matrimonial ceremony was a joyous occasion, garnering a crowd ranging from Carolustadt's inhabitants to Haeseni royalty; It was on this day when Amelia finally met her father for the first time. Following their union, shortly thereafter, the Princess had one child with Cassius—Hadrian. Shortly after this, the Princess caught wind of her father's abdication—leaving her not only as the matriarch of the Johannians of Aeldin, but also the Princess of Alstion: a title once bestowed upon the Crown Princess of the now liquidated Holy Orenian Empire.

Tenures in Political Capacities

Amidst her administrating the Imperial Parliament, tensions stirred between native forces and that of an uprising coalition, comprised of Alderyn, Fenn, and Aegrothond; This led the Johannian dynast into the position of envoy to the high elves of Malinor, securing their alliance with them against the Elven Union and future political backing in potentially forthcoming wars.

War of Two Emperors

Upon the War of Two Emperors, Amelia Philippa would pass her titles unto her nephew: John Alexander Horen, the son of Alexander Frederick. In the wake of the newly crowned Holy Orenian Emperor of the Horen-Marna line, Joseph I Marna, the blood of John would side with that of Pertinax due to the belief that Joseph had conducted blatant theft from the line of John. In the War of Two Emperors, the title of Prince of Alstion was declared to have passed unto John Alexander in the bidding of Amelia Philippa, as the contestant to the claimant of Joseph I.

Dissolution of Horen

Following the dissolution of House Horen as decreed by His Imperial Majesty, Godfrey II, in 1721 Amelia was no longer regarded as a Horen, taking on the family name of Alstion.


Name Birth Death Marriage Notes
Hadrian Leviticus Horen 1693 1712 Unwed Firstborn of Amelia and Cassius
Owyn Alexander Renai 1708 Alive Unwed Firstborn of Amelia and Kaiser
Duchess Eleanor Renai 1715 Alive Godric I of Morsgrad Secondborn of Amelia and Kaiser