Maria Viktoria of Krajia

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María Víktoría Ivanovich
Duchess of Krajia
Born: 1st of Snow's Maiden, 1648
Spouse: Prince Antonius of Renatus-Marna
House: Ivanovich
Father: Arpad, Duke of Krajia
Mother: Unknown

Maria Viktoria was a leading female figure in the Empire of Man during the 17th century. She was born a Lady of House Ivanovich as daughter to Saint Arpad of Vilacz, and married Crown Prince Antonius of Renatus-Marna in her youth, though he went missing before he could ascend to the throne as King. However, She went on to become Empress Mother via her son, Augustus I, Emperor of Man, and was a prime socialite in the empire for the duration of her life. Maria set various standards of etiquette and dress as a result of her strong sense of fashion and wit, which alluded to her role as a trendsetter. She was best known for making it moderately acceptable to wear dresses revealing your shoulders, at a time when women were scowled at for showing as much as the skin of their ankles.



Maria Viktoria was born to Duke Arpad of Krajia (now St. Arpad of Vilacz) and a now-forgotten wife, whose name is unknown. Her birth was said to have brought her mother to death, though this was brutally untrue as Arpad went on to have 3 more sons by the same woman.

Her brothers were: Lord Istvan Ivanovich; Konyves, Margrave of Styria; Ladislaus, Baron of Vilacz.

Upon the death of her brothers, she was granted the Baronies of Vilancz and of Vsenk, as well as the Duchy of Krajia following her father's death.


Maria Viktoria's life in her youth was met with various issues. She was to uphold manners and feminine restrictions that brought her much hardship, especially once she had been made to marry the heir to the Crown of Renatus-Marna at just 15 years old. She fell into a spiral of self-loathing as she thought herself unworthy of future Queen-ship, and became distant from most of her usual routines. To make matters worse, she developed an eating disorder which crippled her into a skeleton frame. This caused her pregnancies to be hazardous to her health, the worst of which being her first pregnancy, which happened to be a set of triplets.

Her children brought her the joy she needed to release what ailed her as a young adult, and she made it so that their introduction into imperial society would be prosperous and without their failure to uphold expectation. Just after the delivery of her fourth and last child, Martius, Renatus-Marna vassalized Haense and therefore became the Empire of Man through them. Quickly thereafter, Maria's husband Antonius disappeared, and their firstborn son Augustus would become the heir to an Empire.

Life as an Imperial Princess

Maria Viktoria seemed a natural born socialite despite the struggles she had faced in the past. She was known for harboring immense charisma and wit that could raise the joy of hundreds in court within just mere moments of her arrival. She never failed to uphold her duties as Empress Mother, which ranged from hosting pompous events to encouraging the pristine rebirth of culture and arts within the Empire. At the peak of her life, she took in various young noble girls under her wing, to transform them into girls of notable character. Thus, Maria was known as the mother of all things regal within the court and continues to hold this responsibility herself even through old age.


Name Birth Death Marriage Notes
Alexandria Horen 1656 1702 Ratibor Carrion Triplet to Augustus and Ophelia Horen. Became the Duchess of Adria upon marrying Duke Ratibor Carrion.
Augustus I, Emperor of Man 1656 1715 Helen of Man Succeeded Aurelius I, Emperor of Man after his abdication.
Princess Ophelia of Man 1656 Alive Ser Seth Renault Triplet to Alexandria and Emperor Augustus Horen.
Prince Martius of Man 1666 Missing Ana of Vîlachia Second born son to Maria Viktoria. Also known as Martiusz due to him leading the Margraviate of Styria.
Helen of Man 1667 Missing Augustus I, Emperor of Man Empress consort of Man