Alexandria of Man

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Alexandria Horen
alexandria adria.jpg
Duchess-Consort of Adria
Predecessor: Amelia of Burgandar
Successor: Emigliana di Montelliano
Born: 1656, Senntisten, Kingdom of Renatus
Died: 1702, Belvitz, Duchy of Adria
Spouse: Ratibor, Duke of Adria
House: Horen
Father: Prince Antonius of Renatus-Marna
Mother: Maria Viktoria of Krajia

Princess Alexandria Horen (1656 - 1702) was the Duchess-Consort of Adria by her marriage to Ratibor I Carrion. She and her brother, Emperor Augustus I, incited the Varoche affair which publicly revealed them as the parents of two supposed Carrion children spawned from an incestuous affair. For many decades after her death, she was considered to be one of the most controversial women of history as a result of her relations with her brother. In 2 S.A., such relations were regarded by Viktoria of Metterden, Queen Mother of Hanseti-Ruska, to be false after her own perusal of the information, which helped clear the princess' name in Haense, though the Varoche Affair is still regarded as a point of contention among historian circles, evidenced by some critics of Queen Viktoria's proclamation, and thus the truth remains highly disputed.


Name Birth Death Marriage
Paul II, Duke of Adria 1686 1721 Emigliana Sofia of Napoliza Firstborn child to Augustus and Alexandria. Duke of Adria.
Valera, Grand Princess-Consort of Kusoraev 1686 1706 Marius II of Haense Secondborn child to Augustus and Alexandria. Crown Princess of Haense.
Boris Carrion-Tuvyic 1692 Deceased Unknown Firstborn child to Ratibor and Alexandria.
Mariya Carrion-Tuvyic 1692 Deceased Unwed Secondborn child to Ratibor and Alexandria.
Fyodor Carrion-Tuvyic 1692 Deceased Ingrid of Sarkoz Thirdborn child to Ratibor and Alexandria. Father of Queen-Consort Milena of Adria