Modern History of Asulon

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At the beginning of Asulon is was commonly agreed among all races that in order to create a new slate that was expected in the new world, the calendar system should be restarted. As a result, the dates here begin in year 1. Some people refused to adapt to a new system, however. Instead they continued on from the last year spent in the Verge, 1353, and continued on so that year 1 became 1354. In year 1 the boats from Aegis arrived in Asulon, carrying survivors of Iblees wrath. In year 37 plague broke out in Seventis and quickly spread. Some areas were badly affected while others were not. All nations had plans to prevent the spread of infection, including total lockdown. The plague eventually faded from the lands.

Dwarven History

- Dwarves discover what will later be known as Karik. - Dwarves reorganize the government, mainly the Legion. - Thorik is assassinated and his son Broski takes the throne. - Kjell Ironheart takes the throne.

Elven History

- The Elves move the capital of Malinor from Elandriel to Normandor.

Human History

1 - Salvus claims land south of the Cloud Temple Sanctuary, Renatus moves into the ruins of what appears to be an ancient Human city and Hanseti claims the cold southern mountains. 5 - Renatus goes to war against Hanseti and their Orc allies. 8 - King Eze'kiel Tarus of Renatus temporarily gives the throne to Reynard Lycian. 14 - Renatus fights the Battle of the Boot against a coalition of Hanseti, Orcs, Dwarves, Salvus and Alras, losing the region. Renatus fights in the Greenwall Assault, again losing to the coalition. King Godfrey I of Horen reclaims the throne of Renatus. The kingdom is divided amongst the noble families of Renatus, with each controlling lands within the nation borders. King Godfrey also orders that the capital city of Arethor be rebuilt. Salvus has war declared upon it by Hanseti, Renatus, and Alras, the Orcs, Seventis, New Dawn and the Twilight Alliance. Salvus is annexed by Renatus following the peace treaty after the war. 38 - Plague strikes Arethor. Peasants die in mass numbers. Following a brief war Hanseti joins Renatus. All Human lands are reunited and are renamed the Holy Oren Empire. The capital of Arethor was rebuilt according to the wishes of Godfrey

Orc History

- The Orcs grow in strength as they arrive in Asulon. - A small group of Orcs aid the Hansetians in raids agains the then weak Kingdom of Renatus - As the skirmishes continue, war eventually breaks out between the three powers. Hanseti and the War Uzg on one side and Renatus on the other. - The war quickly ends in a stalemate soon after the Orcs capture Fort Boot. - Tensions between High Elves and Orcs escalate as large raiding parties are sent to attack the Silver City - War breaks out; the Orcs burn the Silver City to the ground - A long lasting peace in Asulon begins after the burning of the Silver City - The First Rex Klomp begins, Pok'Ugluk of the Ugluk Clan becomes victorious. Pok becomes the third Rex to ever hold the title - Pok quickly turns relations with the nation of Salvus for the worst and forms four powerful alliances - The War Uzg declares war on Salvus, backed by the coalition Pok had formed. The coalition consisted of Alras, Renatus, Hanseti, and Malinor as well as some larger guilds and a rebellion lead by a Human noble.

Alras History

1 - Alras is established immediately north of the Cloud Temple Sanctuary, with the War Uzg to the north. Alras begins a long decline as the people move out and the streets grow emptier. Eventually it was taken over by the Dwarves and renamed Kal'Alras.

Mori History

1 - The Mori'Quessir meet the arriving races and take an immediate dislike to them. When Asulon fell the Mori chose to stay behind in the caverns of Menorcress, rather than move on to Anthos.

Kharajyr History

As the Kharajyr settled once again to their island, Tla'Xerdun gave every Kharajyr a job to build up the empire. The Island was plain, lifeless and first thing everyone did was supplying. Va'Khajra was formed, a small village on part of island with the forming temple and palace, sadly they were not as alone as they thought.