Bjor 'Sugartits' Cottonwood

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Bjor 'Sugartits' Cottonwood
Bjor Cottonwood 2.png
Art by: Ender_Panda13 - A portrait of Bjor
"Paragon and Founder of Hefrumm"
Born: Unknown
Death: 1715
Family: Cottonwood
Father: Boldrumir Cottonwood
Mother: Unknown
Spouse(s): Eerika Cottonwood


The Beginning

In the year of 1498, Bjor was born, the location of which he was born is unknown, even to himself. Bjor only remembers very little of his childhood, the memories he has is of him, with his family, walking in the woods where some say he got lost, others say he was left there by his family but this was never a proven fact.

The Meeting

Bjor was a special individual some say at the age of fifty he became in contact with other dwarves once again, since he was a 'special' dwarf this lead to interesting developments. His contact with dwarfs more specifically Utak 'Goldlocks', hailing from the Ireheart clan accepted the young Bjor as his own guiding him down towards his own kind a humble clan of Forest dwarves like himself called the Cottonwoods, which he spent most of his long life with until he became the Chief of the clan.

The Forest Dwarves

Now known as Bjor Cottonwood he developed a love for his forest kin, a type of love a father for his children and with this love he made himself into a father figure, a strong headed loving dwarf caring for his forest kin this made Bjor become the leader of all forest dwarves who chose to follow him. all different types of clans joined him the brain power he lacked he made up for in caring actions. The first clan to join Bjor was the Treebeards under the leadership of Ozneat Treebeard the wiser clan who extended Bjor's religious knowledge making him a proud worshiper of Anbella. The next clan that followed was small minor clans who joined which are unknown to most of the dwarves but not to Bjor for he knows all which he rules, he knows and cares for them. Other Forest dwarves followed Bjor which was clanless, Bjor gladly accepted them into his clan to expand his ever growing family.

Becoming High Chief

Bjor Cottonwood was Chief of his clan but he was still missing something, true unification for the forest dwarves so there was an election held by all the forest dwarves to who will become the king among them, who will bare the title of High Chief, naturally Bjor stepped forward to answer that call, so did another dwarf from a lesser clan known as the Oakhands. The result of this election was in Bjor's forever favor having the full support of all which voted, granting him the title of High Chief Bjor 'Sugartits' Cottonwood, the title was then officially created by Ar Yemarin Anaros under the High Prelate Ozneat Treebeard

The Petrification

After recieving word of a forest dwarf taken captive by Alar and held deep underground in their nest. He lead an expedition deep in the caverns below Arcas to rescue a forest dwarfs from the clutches of The Alra, monstrous lizards of incredible size which live in hives and chasms underneath the continent. Accompanying him on this expedition were a group of experienced dwarfs including Kazrin Starbreaker, Baldin Frostbeard-Grandaxe and Borin Grandaxe. After making their way through the underways they managed to find the catacombs which became the nesting grounds of a hive of Alar, the very one which held the forest dwed captured. Peering into the darknened earth, the company of dwarfs held their torches and weapons as they furthered themeselves deeper into the hive. As they cautiously entered the crypts, no sentries nor guards were laid at the entrance as the hive seemed to be sleeping. Recognizing the vastness of the large complex of catacombs that stretched beyond the known levels of dwarven mines, they split themselves into two parties, one lead by Bjor while the other was lead by Baldin and Kazrin. As both took their respective paths laid out for them into the crypts, the two dwarven rescue parties sneaked past the slumbering monsters and journeyed further down, the soft dripping of water and snoring echoing across the chasms. After several hours, both groups had successfully managed to assassinate a number of the Alra, leaving a trail of corpses quick and clean in their killing, finally reaching the den of which the forest dwarf was held in. Quickly the two unified groups broke the bonds that held the dwarf, and Bjor was filled with joy at saving one of his people. But their joy was short lived as loud high pitched screams shrilled through the tunnels, the Alra had been alerted, one of their guards seemingly woken by the previous killings and had found their murdered kin. The dwedmar held their weapons tightly as they made their escape through the catacombs, a large horde of Alra claw and teeth nearing them as they took the exit. Retracing their steps and running ahead of the Alar had proven difficult and some had begun to slow down, nearing the last few steps to the exit the group believed they would make it. But alas the group had numbered too many in such a small exit and would need time to fully evacuate, realizing the burden of High Chief and recognizing no other way Bjor (with his rather large body) stood his ground firmly turning his back towards his comrades as his kin made their escape. His spear held high and tight in his hands as the Alra came near, one of the bolder ones had charged at the forest dwarf, but the Cottonwood held his ground. He thrusted his spear into the skull of the Alar while the last remaining dwarfs from the cavern became aware of their missing chief. Heading once more back into the crypts, the dwarfs tried to pull Bjor away from the Alar's grip. But it had been to late and in a moment a swarm of Alra had come, ripping, tearing and gnawing at Bjors flesh their poison running through him as he stood his ground, and no inch was gained nor taken from the Alar. With the last ounce of his strength he urged the dwarfs to run and flee from the Alar, but his death would not be so sudden. Borin and Baldin would wrestle the Alar, trying to pull Bjor away from the grip of the lizards as Kazin channeled his magic. Again, Bjor would act as a shield as Baldin and Borins efforts seemed to be in vain, tears now beginning to form in Bjor's eyes. The roof above the Alar a had begun to shake as cracks and large crevices would begin to form under Kazrins magic. The roof would collapse crushing anything that stood underneath, but before the massive boulders could take Bjors life, Borin and Baldin pulled the forest dwed from their grip. The screams of the Alar filling the dwarves ears as they made their escape with the wounded Bjor. Covered in large gashes and blood now pouring out of him, Bjor had been gravely wounded from the fight yet survived. He was then taken out from the under-earth and returned to his village of Hefrumm within the borders of dwarven lands. Seeing the wounds to severe to heal Kazrin and other healers were filled with gried as they watched the last moments of the proud High Chief of the Forest dwarfs. Word had soon spread amongst the dwarven rescue party and they quickly carried Bjor to a neighbouring tree, and settled him at the bank of the roots. It was there the dying chief had smiled as he looked at his fellow kinsmen, for never before had their been so many forest dwarfs united and in a single place since the ages long past. His children and wife had come and cried out in desperation to save their beloved dwarf. But no help could come as the poison had begun to take effect, his sacrafice now payed for as his body began to petrify into stone. He stood proudly and looked on at the horizon, his spear held firmly in his grip as it too solidified, tears had begun to roll and fall from Bjor before turning to stone as well. With one last breath from his lungs, he spoke firmly amongst the mourning crowd. "Narvak Oz Urguan" and thus he became a statue. Many dwarfs, elves and men, had come to pay their respects as word had reached their ears of the fallen cottonwood. And the mourning of such a loss had taken years to heal however the dwarfs remember the Sacrafice of the High Chief of Hefrumm and his never ending loyalty to both his people and kingdom.


Bjor would be made paragon in the year 1716. Bjor demonstrated the characteristics of what a dwarf should be. He rose from nothing to the top of leadership. In power he never used it for evil nor for self benefit. He cared for all those that where under him and respected all those he met. He was one of the key figures that helped reunite the dwarves after the unstable years caused by the Frostbeard Rebellions. To his last breath Bjor showed bravery and honor, sacrificing himself to save the lives of his fellow dwarves. For his kindness, honor, bravery, and leadership skill Bjor was made a Paragon of the Brathmordakin. Due to his strong connection to Anbella, she was made his Patron Brathmordakin. If it were not for Bjor Cottonwood it is questionable if the dwarves would of been reunited again, it is for certain though that the forest dwarves would of remained divided and spread across the continent longing for a place to call home.


Bjor 'Sugarits' Cottonwood has two adopted fathers, the first dwarf he ever met and got accepted by Utak Ireheart and his predecessor Boldrumir Cottonwood. Bjor had an affair with Grogsmashia during the age of Atlas, with who the young Bjor had his two oldest children, Yaviline Cottonwood and Horren Cottonwood. Not long after the birth of Horren, Grogsmashia left Bjor for unknown reasons and he never saw her again. Later in his life he met Eerika Cottonwood, who became his true love as they happily married. This marriage resulted in four children, respectively Beorn Cottonwood, Halvar Cottonwood, Hargel Cottonwood and Ingrid Cottonwood
Bjor together with Eerika and their four children


Markings and Tattoos

Tattoos of Anbella: On both Bjor’s upper cheeks would locate dark green tattoos, these are the markings of Anbella placed by Ozneat Treebeard as High Prelate, which would be a sign of the blessing and guidance of Anbella. Meaning: They represent tears, caused by the suffering he had seen in his forest dwarf kin. But also it is his final tears as Anbella will now be guiding Bjor in his following years where he would make a new warm home for his forest dwarf kin, Hefrumm.


Bjor 'Sugartits' Cottonwood, is a loving, caring family dwarf. He will defend his kin till he is no more and he will shelter them with his own body if needed. The strong-headed Cottonwood will never quit his kin and will always share his love for carrots and Anbella to all.


Pork: A boar which was a good companion Bjor’s earlier years, which Bjor would share great stories and adventures with. The story goes that Bjor forged a friendship with this beast as it was heavily wounded, Bjor had spared the beast’s life and cleaned its wounds with dwarven ale. As their friendship grew they shared many stories and adventures. Later in Bjor’s life (around 200) his old companion had become more passive, as its manes turned gray, it would now often been seen sleeping around Bjor’s Cottonwood home.

Mister Toad: A little cane toad originating from the swamplands of Atlas, which had grown in size as it had copied Bjor’s eating habits. The friendship between the two was forged as Bjor shared a piece of his meal, which was rather rare, with the little toad when their paths crossed during Bjor’s travels. The toad has jaws able to bite off fingers, and a skin containing bufotenin, which has hallucinatory and drug-like effects.

Ballad de Bjor

Though dwarves oft dwell caverns deep, And on hills tall, mountains steep! There lie dwarves in forests green, With souls innocent and clean!

Lost deep within the forest dark, A lost dwed took in by Ireheart, He began to build a family, Unite his forest kin, finally.

High Chief of all forest kin, He was a dwarf without sin! Father to some, friend to all None would hope his fall.

A most worthy chef no dwed denies, Smell o carrots attract passerbys, To his town, Hefrumm, where carrots lie, O how could we ever let him die?

Hearing of endangered kin, He ran to the caves and jumped right in! His own safety he cared for naught, Only to save the family he wrought!

Yet the Arla filth screamed in rage, No dwarf had beat them in this age! They bit at him and tore his flesh, Were defeated yet still sealed his death.

The Arla's venom began its curse, No dwarven healer could reverse! His death insured now, Dungrimm waits, To take his soul to the Moon's gates.

Anbella cries with a thousand dwedmar, His soul bright as the forge of Yemekar. Never a dwarf as caring or good, as Chef Bjor "Sugartits" Cottonwood.

Written by: Norli (A_New_Noob)